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Chapter 3: The Law of Attraction

Friday, September 1st, 2006

“Resentment kills a fool, and envy slays the simple”
 Job 5:2

The Laws of Thinking are being revealed to you in this book and my teachings for one reason: to empower you to manifest the prosperity in your life that God has spoken for you. When you embrace this wisdom, good things are going to come into your life. And the harsh reality of that is that when that happens, people are going to be envious of you. They will be envious of your favor (never mind that favor isn’t fair) and of your money and of your sense of clear purpose. They will wish they had what you had, and they will wish they expressed Spirit through themselves as you express Spirit through yourself.

What Is Envy?
Understand this: envy is not evil. God did not create anything evil. Envy is a sign that God is expressed through you. The true sin is want, covetousness, the desire by others to possess what you have manifested and the knowledge that they cannot because that have not allowed themselves to listen to God and become “I Am.” Take their envy as a compliment, because it means they see what you yourself may not even able to see: God within you.

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