Hello, Law of Thinking Students

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Welcome to the Law of Thinking blog site. Post your comments and thoughts about book that I have sent to you.

70 comments to “Hello, Law of Thinking Students”

  1. Comment by Annette:

    I know now I’m becoming that.that I am

  2. Comment by Tamiko Gregory:

    Thank You Master Prophet for sowing “The Law of Thinking” into my life. Your prophetic truths and scriptual insight was astounding. Through the revelatons in this book new thought patterns are going to be birthed, connection of hemispheres in the human brain will enable for a new birth of creativity. God is going to a new work to all who were blessed to read this book. The foundational truths in this book will enable us to change our spirituality to praticality by destroying the bondage of limited thinking and resurrecting our dream life. It will allow the Holy spirit to transform our mind so that every thought is renewed in the knowledge of Christ, thus having the mind of Christ and the wisdom of God. This book divinely instructs us to move in a new realm of power, authority, wealth, health, and prosperity. The Law of Thinking introduces a prophetic process that allows us as humans to tap into a realm education could never give us. It allows for a direct connection to the counsel of God. God actually hooks up our humanity to his divinity, spiritually ascending us to eternity. This in essence releases the greatness and uniqueness within each and every one of us. This book is powerful and I would highly recommend others to read it.

  3. Comment by Prophetess Sandy Brown:

    Master Prophet,

    I can already tell you this book is a mind blower. The first thought that stood out for me in the first chapter (p.3) is when you talk about, Your Divine Nature . You state, “When you declare your I AM nature, you are claiming your divine birthright and stepping into your role as God’s proxy in this world.

    Proxy means being a stand-in (a double), understudy (substitute) or deputy (second-in-command) for a person or an office. That really helped me to know that WE REALLY HAVE POWER! As one of God’s representatives in this world, I realize, through this passage, that I am acting as an agent for the Father. I am sent here to conduct business as Him. He has given me an assignment that no one else can complete. My fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord are my co-workers. We are a universal team, running a family business.

    Like every family business, there is a protocol, a system in place. Our thoughts are only supposed to represent that of the Father’s system. He has a system of unlimited resources; our system is a system of lack. The Father has a system of an unlimited bank account (the mind); our system has limited amounts of zeros. The Father has a system of infinite matter; our system hides the goods from each other.

    Therefore, I began to imagine a little further that as my Father’s proxy, I am looking at His bank account, not mine. I cannot have any negative thoughts now because the Father’s system will not allow me to do so. What on earth do I have to be negative about now? My Father’s system has the answer for every concern.

    I don’t have to scrape and scratch because the Father has given us a system of an unlimited expense account to make sure we have everything at our disposal (as any great father of a family business would) to accomplish HIS DESIRES for the family business.

    Thank you Master Prophet, I will never be able to repay you for opening up my bank account (my mind). God bless you,

    Long Live the King

  4. Comment by Sherman Pegues:

    Greetings, to the Master Prophet Bernard Jordan.
    I have presently finished reading the Laws Of Thinking and I have thoroughly enjoyed the book to the fullest. I consider the book a classic that would benefit all of humanity. I litterally began to change minute to minute while reading the book and could not put the book down. Laws of Thinking is a classic and I really respect the lessons that coroborated the teachings of many noted Authors of Success Principles and Personal Development. I also liked the fact that The Laws Of Thinking clarifies the equivalence of Success and Biblical Principles, and shows how by choosing the right thoughts and words, one may began to govern over all areas of their lives. The Laws Of Thinking is a must read for anyone who wishes to improve their Life. It is definitely one of my favorites and I will frequently revisit the pages as a manual for personal growth and prosperity. Thanks, and may GOD continue to bless you Master Prophet. Sherman Pegues..

  5. Comment by Dennis Green:

    The law of thinking has given to my spiritual life the things that I have been looking for in my spiritual walk. It’s like that loging that void that we feel while attending other denominational churches is being filled. The I am conscientiousness fills one with the power to manifest all that we disire.It has enhanched my belief that the gifts of giving and serving are the greatest gifts.The local church teaches people to give, but in most case’s we don’t teach people how to prospe. I mean we know that the word of the Lord says that God disires that we prosper and be in health even as our souls has prospered. Now in most case’s it’s left at that however at Zoe Ministries the Master Prophet has laid out a spiritual road map that leads individuals such as my self and many others into just how to achieve every suscess we disire. I believe Zoe Ministries to be the Archdiocese of the black church, but not only black all of Gods creation.It is true that if you give you will recieve, however there are certain principles that must be followed these laws and principles are laid out in the law of thinking. Master Prophet Jordan thank you so much for allowing God to use you in this.

    Dennis L. Green

  6. Comment by Donna Smith:

    Dear Master Prophet,
    I really believe the truth you wrote about our God-given ability to think, and how many institutions squirm at the idea of independent thought, not realizing that creation is directly connected to man’s ability to think. Moreover, you went on to expose the motive behind this behavior.
    Exposing these truths at the start of the book was genius!


    Teach black man, teach!!!!!

  7. Comment by Prophetess Sharon Williams:

    Master Prophet,

    Thank you for this Manual on “The Law of Thinking!” This should be turned into a university and I know that this is going to be an on-going work in progress! It is simply delighful, packed full of principals, and knowledge. It is helping me to create the life that I desire and I AM becoming even increasingly more aware of my thought which is vital for success. Words can not express the gratitude for such a Prophet and wise man of your magnitude! I am speechless and as the Word of God says: Some things just can not be uttered or expressed in the natural! May God keep and Bless you for all that you do and give to the people of God!

    Much love to you Master Prophet!

  8. Comment by Prophetess Julia Fortune:

    Greetings, Grand Master Prophet!

    The first chapter of this book is very powerful and intellectually stimulating, as I was able to immediately apply the teachings using the first Law which states that “we live not in a universe of being but of becoming” I re-play this principle over and over in my mind until I fully grasped the full meaning and find myself using it to pull down several internal conflicts, recognizing that since God is evolving, changing his being, his ideas and purpose all the time, then I must evolve too and recognizing that it is through my ideas that I can bring about changes in my life, using my mind to declare the “I am” nature which allows me freedom of choice to express that there is no fear in me, because fear is a useless emotions, there is no illness in my body, there is no loneliness in my life and I am not not trapped or stuck in any situation in my life. Rather, I have many wonderful opportunities to advance materially, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I have many wonderful opportunities to reach for the heights and to accomplish great things. I AM well and it is well with my soul.

    I want to thank you so much for this book because I know that I will never be the same again. I now have the resources that must be present in my life to accomplish the task at hand.

    Love always to you Grand Master Prophet!

  9. Comment by Shonda Williams:

    Thank you Master Prophet for the revelation I received from the Law of Thinking. “God is a verb” took my thinking to a whole new level. I learned that God is spirit and I am spirit, which means me and God are one. It took me a while to comprehend that and I praise God for that revelation because I have never heard or even thought of my relationship with God on that level. The Law of Becoming has exalted me into dominion, I have moved up from level mentality and ready to experience God for all he is, I AM! I am so excited about becoming one of God’s servant. Thank you so much for this teaching and awakening my soul Master Prophet.

    Blessed Servant

  10. Comment by Bishop Darrell W. Sias:

    Bishop Jordan,

    Your mind has endured the chronos of earth to produce this kiaros of the Spirit. I have evolved into I AM within. The atmosphere of my mind has move into a state of policing itself if there are thoughts that want to speak out side of who I AM. I AM now the exceptional answer to a multitude of problems. Thank you for awakening my true creative power within.

    Peace and Love to you Master Prophet

  11. Comment by Prophet Fitzroy A. Green:

    I AM ready to claim my birthright as God’s junior partner, helping manifest my part of His vision for this world.

  12. Comment by Cynthia Greene:

    Dear Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan,
    Thank you for such a precious gift. The Law of Thinking. I sincerely appreciate the fact that you thought about me when you sent your book to me. May God continue to bless & keep you and yours always. Kind regards.

    Note: Seed is sown.

  13. Comment by Charisse Hagerman:

    I have been so Blessed by the law of thinking; what has really compelled me are the 4 questions that needed to be answered in order to go forward in the book. As I answered these questions, I began to relaize how much I really understand about my knowledge of God’s system. As a child of God, I have been trained to think that I had no control of my thoughts & life: Now I know that I control everything that has and is occuring in my life. The 1st question is knowing where you come from, this is vital to know where you are going! GOD BLESS YOU MASTER PROPHET for your eternal connection to the one and only source of wisdom, prosperity & well being!

  14. Comment by lisa roberts:

    I can say a prime example of I am is rev. run, i see how he lives out his i am and i have been a fan of his since the 80’s and it has always something different about him and he is truly expressing hisself now. i have enjoyeed this book thus far, and as a matter a fact the thing that shocked me is, is God a noun, or is he a verb. you practically blew my mind with that one. i am using these methods and i tell you what i Am is coming to the surface. songwriting use to be meaningless or might i say simple, now it is meaningful from the spirit and full of spirit. thanks and be blessed

  15. Comment by Sister Wilhelmina Grant:

    Thursday, August 3rd, 2006 9:58 pm

    Bless You Master Prophet!

    Thank you for this wonderful book of revelation.
    Now that i realize that I AM and in order to manifest
    I must become the things I want. right now I have to
    wake-up and catch-up.


  16. Comment by Prophetess Bennetta Croxton:

    God bless you Master Prophet the book is awesome. Thank God for allowing me to find out who “I am”. I am that I am. I am what GOD says that I am. I am also glad to know that I am a “FAVOR-ITE” and I know that favor is not fair. Just to know that I am a spirit speaking being and anything that I desire I can speak to it, become it and it shall manifest just because I am that I am, GOD. There is nothing in GOD that does not exist in me. WOW this is powerful.

  17. Comment by Angela_Langston:

    The Law of Thinking is a Power-Full Message. I believe that the Mind is a terrible thing to waste. If we don’t use it, someone else will use it for us. Thought is what created the heavens and earth of the world. Thought can also create our personal heaven and earth. Praise God and thank you Prophet Jordan and the Prophets for allowing God to use you to give those of us with an ear to hear Guidance and Direction. I think and therefore I Am.

  18. Comment by Thomasine Mitchell:

    God Bless you Master Prophet, I read the book and now I am re-reading the book as to reinforce anything I may have missed.

    The Law of Thinking forced me to upgrade my thinking pattern and coerced me into a new way of LIFE. It made me answer the hard questions, such as Who AM I?

    There are many points that hit me, but the one that stands out in my mind is the difference between the rich and the poor, which is the rich THINK differently! Perhaps the poor aren’t thinking at all, impoverished mind = impoverished life. I am more than grateful to be in the Company of the THINKING RICH!! Thank you Master Prophet, God Bless you and I will see you at prophecology!!

  19. Comment by ElexiaCraig:

    To renew is in deed a great miracle with in itself to know that GOD and I are one. He in me I in Him that i have the key . I am GOD, spirit ex primo with the purpose of GOD I create with my spoking word and if the spoking word is in line with the plan of GOD then W-O-W there it is I thank you! to GOD be the Glory.

  20. Comment by Umeki Jackson:

    Master Prophet
    Thank you for this gift of wisdom you have given to me. The Laws of Thinking Book has open me up to a new
    world of who I can become. The I AM in me is getting ready to burst into my destiny of who I am to become.
    Who AM I……I AM GOD, the maker of my own world and
    the creator of my life. Thank you sharing your great
    works and May God Bless You.

  21. Comment by Tanya Manada:

    “The Law of Thinking”, chapter four (4) caused me to step into the realm of the book of Revelations to further understand the connection that the seven chakras have with the seven churches and the seven seals.

    One part of the book of Revelation is concerned with a book having seven seals, in which a particular vision occurs as each seal is opened. The seven seals is the seven major etheric chakras and each vision as being the experience that occurs when the associated chakra becomes developed.

    In the book of Revelation 6:1-17; 8:1-6 brings revelation to the connection between the seven chakras and the seven churches and the seven seals.

  22. Comment by Prophetess Jeanette Gilmore:

    Grand Master
    Thank you for sowing your new book The Laws of Thinking. Very well written. The part that I enjoyed the most was when you stated “Find Your dream! Make it happen for if you find your love, you find your purpose.” Thank you for sharing your gift of wisdom and knowledge. May God continue to Bless You and Your Family.
    Thank You

  23. Comment by Dennis Green:

    The law of thinking is the perfect aid and it enhanches and reveals many of the secrets in the bible.It’s a way to live life to it’s fullest its brings clarity to many of life’s issue’s and direction to a obstructed path. I sowed the seed for this book becasuse I believe that every spirit being should have and read a copy of this book.God bless you Master Prophet this is one of the great works of this new centry and it’s only just begun.

  24. Comment by Daphne Burroughs:

    Thank You for the book, I’m on the 4th chapter. I’m really enthusiastic about reading the book and learning how I can be blessed, about how i can be, spiritually and financially blessed. Also calling those things that i desire into existince.

  25. Comment by wes "money" ratliff:

    i liked the favor part the best…looks like thats what i can expect cause ive been applying the principles even when people said i was stupid…how can God be stupid is what i think…God is above genious..and i take his financial advice….word


  26. Comment by Prophetess Tawan Chester:

    Thank you Master Prophet. This is the gift of the year. I’m reading the book slowly. There are so many good principles and so much information. Just like the CD set the book is packed full of valuable life changing tips & tools.
    If we impliment these teaching we would surely be called Blessed of the Lord.
    You give only meat and potatoes within the covers of this book. No one can remain in a lifestyle they don’t like if they follow these teachings. The Law of Thinking is AWESOME!!!!
    Thank you for taking the time to pour into us.
    Prophetess Tawan Chester

  27. Comment by Tanya Manada:


  28. Comment by Sara Mack:

    Thank you MASTER PROPHET. For The Law Of Thinking . There are many many valuable principles. I had to read the book very slow, because I didn’t want to miss a thing. The Law of Thinking wake-up I AM in order to manifest. Than you so much for this awaking.To GOD be the glory.

  29. Comment by DAVID HANEY:

    MASTER PROPHET JORDAN I’m captivated by your book The Law of Thinking. I can’t seem to put it down. I take it to work with me to read on my breaks or lunch. I find that the principals you teach in your book are along the same lines as the teaching in Dr Myles Munroes book “Rediscovering The Kingdom”. I’ve just had your book about a week and I’m at chapter 5 now. Thank you for your gift to me and helping to equip me for these in times so I can help equip others.

  30. Comment by LSCOTT:

    thank you for the book i have finished reading it in 3 days i could not put it down. i have learned so much especially the mediatation part. thank you for teaching how to reach my inner man and speak to God. i’m in the process of venturing out on my passion and purpose that God gave me and this is motivation to move forward and let nothing or no one stop me. thanks for the blessing.

  31. Comment by christoher McLaren:

    I thank you Prophet Jordan, for giving me enlightenment in the words of God. From your book in which I recieved, “The Law of Thinking” It has brought me to see things in a much different light of undetstanding.

    Moreover, I am working on helping the “I AM” that is in me, to become awaire of it self so that I can move fordward and become the god in which I am by the renewing of my mind.

    I have been working with this information thinking images and speaking them into the spiritual rim then watch for them to manifest themself into my physcial rim.
    In addition, on that day when I recieved your book I was praying to our father about learning more about how the spirit work. Then when I came in that afternoon, and check my mail box, saw your book and there in I found a topic on the spirit plus mind blowing information that one realy have to be ready to beging thinking outside the box. It made me happy to know that our father saw me walking after the spirirt and providing me with the tools that I need to help me to be ready. I look fordward to reading all infromation which cometh from Zoe Ministries.

    Prophet Jordan I will become that which is my calling please continue to keep my name on the church prayer list.
    PS. I thank youMaster prophet Jordan

  32. Comment by Gabriel W. Greaves:

    I was very pleased to recieve this powerful book.
    Now My thoughts are expanded to a different level.
    My thoughts of success must be in line with God’s will.
    Every business plan is written out in details so that I cannot derial my train.
    I go deeper into the universe knowing that God is my partner and the lead architect, together me and Him can create a lot of business activities for the highly under developed west African continent to promote jobs, awareness Of the one and only living God, education, better hospitals and great development.
    From now on my thoughts has to benefit me and at least ten thousand people.
    I am still reading the book and following the scriptures too.
    It is giving great wisdom and understanding.
    No wonder why we were created in God’s image,
    The point of contact.
    I now see why we have dreams,visions,and desires to be very creative and successful.
    Not only Is God my saviour and God,He’s my best friend and business partner.
    I see now that there’s no such thing as luck.
    I must have the right thoughts.
    Always thinking positively and successfuly.
    I am God’s partner in continuing to provide better living and life in abundance.
    We have great power,it is up to us to start tapping into this power so that God can manifest through us.
    Bishop Jordan, God bless you.

  33. Comment by Prophetess Sharon Williams:

    Good evening Prophetess Debra, and Company of Prophets! The law of thinking is setting my mind free! I enjoyed this lesson tonight and it has taught me to think in higher thoughts of consciousness! Thank you for Prophecology August, 2006, it is because of the Grand Master Prophet’s teaching that I was able to be there! Revalation after revealation is taking me the levels of consciousness that God has ordained for me to operate in. This was a Shitah lesson Pastor Debra… Much Love to you Pastor Debra and the Master Prophet!!

  34. Comment by Denise Stewart:

    This teaching had me screaming tonight, Everything is in Divine Order. I learned that how you choose to look at or call an experience determines the nature of the experience and the outcome.

    Thank you Prophetess Lady Debra, you were on Fire tonight, and thank you to the Company of Prophets, everyone came back with another Spirit of Revelation.

  35. Comment by Prophetess Gloria Kelley:

    Powerful and insightful lesson, Prophetess Debra. I am learning to allow the Laws of the Spirit to rest rule and reign in my mortal body so that I can resurrect in the power and might of who God says that I AM! For I AM who God says that I AM.

  36. Comment by Prophetess Cynthia Clark:

    The confidence of God gets you the blessings!

    You must get full of the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

    When you are facing a situation that APPEARS to be a problem, you need to go to the scriptures and go to the prophetic words that have been spoken over your life, and grab a thought to change your perception of that situation.

  37. Comment by Carl Gary:

    I was really rejuvenated by the lesson and I am totaly at awe of how fruitful the panel was tonight. The lesson actually gave a boost to my inner thoughts
    on the positve and I am appreciative of this lesson.
    I feel like a true Servant King in the Kindom of God.
    Now I have the roar of the Lion of Judah and the eye of the Tiger! BRAVO! PRAISE GOD!

  38. Comment by Denise Francis:

    Tonight’s teaching was awesome. I learned that when I walk in lack, doubt, poverty or fear that I am not walking in my family name. That name is I AM. I AM that I AM and will be whatever I will be. If I possess my Father’s DNA then I am must walk,talk, and be like him. He is the Gift and the Giver and it is his good pleasure to teach me to move from want into expression.

  39. Comment by Prophetess Gloria Kelley:

    Powerful and insightful teaching, Prophetess Debra. I am learning to allow the Laws of the Spirit to rest, rule and reign in my mortal body so that I can resurrect in the power and might of who I AM. For I AM who God says that I AM.

  40. Comment by Craig Decker:

    Thank you Master Prophet for your obedience to vision that we all may partake of the fruit. Thank you panel of Prophets for the rich word that has gone forth this evening and sharing about prophecology for those of us that did not get a chance to attend. This is my first time streaming live with you and hearing about the book and the principles of the Law of Thinking. I look forward to hearing and learning more.

  41. Comment by ProphetessDebraWright:

    This teaching is like a continuation of Prophecolgy
    the revelation is still coming forth.
    My mind is no longer a trash can for negativity.
    THANK YOU ….THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Comment by Sandra B. Walker:

    Good evening Prophetess Debra, and company

    I am so engrossed in this book of finding out who I really am that I am, and this teaching is really changing my way of thinking about myself and how I am feeling so blessed to be able to speak the things into manifestation. I wonder where have I been so long.

  43. Comment by T_Stenset:

    I was inspired by tonight’s lesson and found myself yelling out alone in my apartment “it’s ok” when prophetess Debra was saying ‘it’s ok’ to have abundance. God will not give us what we don’t give ourselves permission to have. No one else will do it for us and it all begins in me.

  44. Comment by Carolyn Butts:

    I AM is the most powerful statement we can utter. Whatever you I AM into existence, be it money, houses, businesses or whatever you truly desire, you will bring to you manifested in the physical realm. The words we speak have power for good or ill in our lives. Spirit is real and works through the vessel of our human bodies. All thoughts are things, energy that can be used as a tool by Spirit. When you get to the root, you’ll get the fruit.

    I just love this book. I am taking my time reading it so I can savor the flavor and ingest it slowly so that it can permeate my being..my DNA..so that I AM is awakened in my remembrance. Thank you Master Prophet for this phenomenal literary masterpiece. Thank you for your great generosity in giving us this wisdom….the keys to right living…Thank you Pastor Debra for your AMEN teaching tonight..You are great!!!


    Greetings Your Grace,

    I have never read a book like “THE LAWS OF THINKING” which has motivated and inspired me to the point of purpose. I admire the gift of revelational knowledge that flows in your ministry. I have completed the book and it was such an eye opening experience that changed my thinking and my life.


  46. Comment by BENNIE L. MILES, JR.:


  47. Comment by BENNIE L. MILES, JR.:


  48. Comment by Anthony L. Walsh:

    First of all,
    GOD Bless and Thank you Master Prophet, On behalf of my family and friends for sowing this book into our lives.
    The principles that you teach in this book our the exact truth of the universe. I am still amazed on the teaching on the “I AM” and “NAMES”= naming things into existence.
    Thats straight up powerful!!!! Also thank you for uplifting the opressed.

    Anthony Walsh and Family
    We wish you infinite abundance
    in the “NAME” of GOD….Amen

  49. Comment by sherry marie moss:

    Greetings Master Prophet,thank you for that earth shaking book.
    When i was praying the Lord said to me that’s a treasure chests sherry.
    so iam going to look into it and MAKE my way properous praise the Lord it’s
    priceless thanks a million.

  50. Comment by Christopher Smith:

    “YOU WILL ATTRACT OR RECEIVE WHAT YOU FEEL YOU DESERVE.” What more can I say, these truths are life changers and will do just. I AM ALWAYS BECOMING THAT WHICH I AM CONSCIOUS OF BEING. We must work out on these truths. Its truth that is practiced with repition that becomes a reflex. Loving the Journey.

  51. Comment by Wes Ratliff:

    i just wanted to write u…i wanted to leace evidence that im apart of this churches teachings…that way when my music explodes…there will be proof that wisdom is what Got me there,,,,,We$


  52. Comment by Naomi Cage:

    This came to me after beginning reading The Law of Thinking. Thank you Master Prophet Jordan

    Let me introduce myself, my name is Healing Evangelist, Naomi Cage. God has placed a vision in my heart to open a Healing Center in Harvey, IL to show His
    people the alternative healing paths available that solve illness instead of cover up the problem.

    I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in January 2003 after the transition of my daughter in September 2002. My symptoms are rolling of my right eye and off balance in walking. I went to the doctors spent eleven days in hospital being pumped with steroids, insulin ended up feeling worst instead of better. I left the hospital nothing resolved. After weeks of weaning off the steroids, I took matters into my own hands. I prayed to God to show me the way to healing. The journey began, I first made changes in my diet after hearing a testimony of a young man who was diagnosed with MS saw improvements in three weeks on Bishop Dennis Leonard, The Power to Obtain Optimum Health & Nutrition. Even though I saw improvements, I still ended up taking Copaxone for one year with no improvements I, which stopped. I met Christine Allbright who healed herself of MS in four years by using the method of connecting with the Inner Healer that lives within us all. I have been on this journey for three years; my quality of life has improved greatly. I believe as I continue my journey within my eye with stop rolling. This has led to the many connections God led me to on my healing path I would like to share with others I feel will help them find their healing path.

    We need a Healing Center where the people can come to learn about them. I am sending this letter to you because you were one of my stops that helped me on the road to healing.

    What you offer will be at the Healing Center, FREE ADVERTISING for you. Can you donate brochures, sample products or make a donation to help get this vision off the ground.


    Naomi Cage
    Healing Evangelist













  53. Comment by Diana Pegues:

    Dear Master Prophet,

    Thank you so much for sending me the book, Laws of Thanking. I’m bless to have received this book, because know I know so much more about my mind than I did before Thank God for allowing me to find out who “I am”. I am that I am. I am what GOD says that I am. The Laws of Thinking Book has opened me up to a new world of who I can become. The I AM in me is getting ready to burst into my destiny of who I am to become. I know who I’m now. I’m going to used what I learned from this book in my every day life. I went to your website to order this book for my daughter, but I couldn’t find it on your website. May God continue to bless & keep you and yours always.

    Best Regard,

    Diana Pegues

  54. Comment by Denise Stewart:

    My Dear GrandMaster Prophet E. Bernard Jordan,

    Thank you once again. I realize I could never be thankful enough for the light you have been to my life. I was one of the fortunate to receive your book early, July 14th, 2006. It came at a time when I was in great distress and had just spoken to the Almighty the night before your book arrived, saying that I really needed to communicate with you the very next day and the very next day, your book arrived. That is when I realized my angels were dispatched (PTL.)

    I took some time to read this book, because It had to be carefully digested, I had to chew on it mentally in Divine right order and it has been a blessing for me. I am getting ready for this month of September to “Set some bulls on Fire” and with that I will be able to send you the money to support the printing of more books, so it can bless others lives as well.

    This was the first book I’ve ever made so many notes in, I had to keep writing on the pages to summarize and seal in the spirit and physical realm the finer points of all the paragraphs that had a deep effect and imprint on my mind and heart.

    This book gives you the Master Keys to unlock your doors for living. Once you enter the doorways they are rules and spiritual laws and guidelines you have to follow that leads your throught the pathways that will take you through your goals and development stages to your journey.

    The Journey of life, Purpose, Fullfillment, Fullfeelment and Destiny. The ulitmate Destiny of finding your truest God Self.

    Thank you Grand Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan for sharing God’s principles , the principles that are in you and each one of us and for giving us the permission, to honor ourselves while feeling guiltless, but deserved.


  55. Comment by Iris L. Jones:

    Master Prophet,

    The Laws of Thinking is an authentic blessing. Since being introduced to your teachings in Februrary 2006 and acknowledging that I AM God in principle, I have not been the same. I AM boldly walking in my power as I AM and reaping phenomenal results. This book
    ( masterpiece ) is continuing to align me with the Kingdom and I am so excited and confident about the works that God is doing and will do. Thank you for the information on the seven chakras ( wow ) I am asking God to continue to enter these points of my vessel so that His perfect will may be done. I AM His Favor-ite.

    I. Jones

  56. Comment by Angela Kimble:

    Thank you Master Prophet, I really loved the book, and yes it came in time. I am reading it again now, because you can not get everything in one reading. It is heavenly wrote Bishop the best book I have ever read on getting my mind to think like it should, like I AM. All these years of not knowing these things but I wondered would I have grasp it if I would have heard this earlier. I am trying to teach my children these things also. Bishop I know a lot of things early because of you and I thank God for you. My mind is maturing and I have to work on it everyday. Bishop I pray you and your family stay blessed and stay in my family’s life. You are my Mentor I could not ask for anyone better. I thank God for sending you in my life… What a wonderful book I will buy more for my siblings. Thank you for writing it and for everything else. Peace always,
    Miracles and Blessings always,
    Angela Kimble

  57. Comment by Pastor Demetrius Johnson:

    Thank you for the book as it is answering daily to lives questions-this is an excellent one-on-one learning but great experience and a guide along with the bible for many seasons. I see many minds being heal and great delieverance coming out of the law of thinking
    Mind+positive thought=positive reaction and thinking

    Peace and blessings

    Pastor J

  58. Comment by Valerie_Taylor:

    Greetings! Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan, thank you for sending me this book. What stood out for me is this, p72. I have learn and live this day and days to follow this FACT. ANYONE IN VALERIES’ LIFE WHO CANNOT GIVE VALERIE WHAT VALERIE NEED-MONEY,SUPPORT,SHELTER-IS NOT SENT BY GOD. THAT PERSON IS SENT BY HELL TO DERAIL VALERIE FROM MY PURPOSE.
    My heart is rip out to be mended by the LAW OF THINKING. HEART=MIND=ONENESS!

  59. Comment by Connie M. Hurt:

    I have finished reading the law of thinking. I found it to be a joy to read; and it is above being an awesome book. I found it to be more than informative book. The law of thinking is a refreshing and a powerful rejuvenating of mind book. It makes the reader aware of the power of your thoughts shapes your future. If you believe and dilgently focus your attention on what you want; It will be manifest. I love this quote: ” what you want is wrapped in silence unseen until you have faith and passion and spirit to make it visible and audible.” I believe if I am thinking more clearly,and shape, form and plan my goals. I am going to be healthy, productive and wealthy. Thank you again for laws of thinking and also love my cd’s on the laws of thinking.

  60. Comment by Connie M. Hurt:

    Thank you again Bishop Jordan. It is powerful to know that right thoughts produces your miracle. I also like that I am a co-creator with God.

  61. Comment by Fiesta:

    This book is the most powerful text I’ve read(save the Bible). The chapter on relationships in regards to who should control who and who should be submissive truley spoke to my spirit. I thought, wow, this is why so many divorces. Women are out earning men which is allowing them to have control in the home and it’s not natural. Those of us who’ve experienced these relationships are unsuccessful due to this principal. The principal dealing with sowing and reaping is so true that it’s mindboggling. This book has changed the way I live and the way I think. Thank you Dr. Jordan, for the deliverance and enlightenment.

  62. Comment by Walter Taylor:

    God Bless you Master Prophet! I want to say that The Laws of Thinking is awesome! I am taking this slow and steady-reading and re-reading this book. On page 7, it states that you must be in alignment of purpose with God if your actions are to bring forth the manifestations He desires. You have taken my revelation to another dimension. I am flowing in the gift that God gave me to write and the manifestation will be in bookstores this year. Thoughts are things. I and the Father are one. Our words are life or death and we eat what we speak. Thank you so much for this wonderful masterpiece and we look forward to meeting you next year.

  63. Comment by Wilfred Ford:

    Thinkyou for sending me The Laws of Thinking, this was one of the most mind blowing books I’ve ever read this book cleared up a lot of things mentally the book really opened new demension. This book will bring plenty of prosperity.

  64. Comment by Heartguarder:

    Bless the Master Prophet. The book preview has touched me. As a Christian Counselor/Prophet and educator, my words for the past 2 decades have always been think, not only think, but think systematically, as well as productively. Due to false teaching, many Christians have been bound in the world of thinking counter-productively, and your book will change many lives as well as break them from this horrible pit and place them on a rock, as well as aid them into the establishments of their goings (Ps 40:1-5). I decree this in Jesus Name! Christians need to know more than anything where they are going as far as there destiny and purpose, as well as where they are at. I stand in agreement with what I’ve read thus far, and look forward to purchasing the book. I will also recommend the book to my clients. “All Issues of Life Christian Counseling” NC

  65. Comment by Heartguarder:

    Mar Elijah, God Bless you. I zoom into your streaming, early mornings and the word is right on time. Some things that you forespoke unto me with “specifics” have come to pass. (The good with the bad) To God be the Glory. My name is F. Mae Gray and I am a Prophetess of the most high God and flow as you. Many prophets can just prophecy generality, but the Major or Masters of the prophetic can go into “specifics”. God bless you and Prophetess Debra, your loving wife. I saw the pictures from the last Prophecology, and longed to be there. I am going to give my best effort to be there in 07. Now with my new position, I am more in control of my life, and God can do what he wants as far as my time is concerned. The slavery of a set in stone job has been eleviated. I am in full time ministry, and my husband and I have a company that God put together that ministers to it’s employees here on the East Coast.
    As we build the company, we are building souls right along with it. The law of thinking, I look foward to reading, because there truly is a law to thinking. Many are outlawed within their thinking, and that is the very thing that holds back destiny and properity, when one thinks outside the parameters of God’s word. From A-Z or “All Issues” can be addressed, dealt with, solved, and enlightened by the Laws of the Spirit and God’s word. I thank the Lord for wisdom and the fear of God being the beginning thereof. I count it a blessing to have been able to share in the reception of the wisdom God has given you and your ministry, and I thank God for the kindred spirit that my husband and I feel with what your ministry teaches! Hallelujah to the Lord our God the almighty reigns. “Lord God every facet of this Man and Woman Servants’ ministy, Zoe, and the many lives they touch, I speak FAVOR, even the more. FAVOR, FAVOR,FAVOR. In Jesus Name.

    God bless you.

    Prophetic Evangelists
    Thomas and F. Mae Gray
    Labour of Love APW Crusades Heb 6:10 Spirit
    All Issues of Life Christian Couseling Prov 4:23 Soul
    and GRES Christian Construction Company and Body Ministry

    Building man and reshaping their broken lives…….

  66. Comment by free baby blanket patterns crochet:

    free baby blanket patterns crochet…

    Didn’t notice it before . . . quite clever….

  67. Comment by DeniseJosephsStewart:

    My Dear Master Prophet Jordan,

    The Laws of Thinking is the book that gives everyone the Masterkeys to unlock the doors for living. Once you enter the doorways, there are rules, spiritual laws and guidelines you have to follow that leads you through the pathways that takes you through your goals and developmental stages of your life’s journey; the journey of life’s purpose, fulfillment, and destiny. The ultimate destiny of finding your truest Godself.

    Thank you Grand Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan, for sharing God’s principles, the principles that are in you and in each one of us and for giving us the permission to honor ourselves, our Godselves, whilst feeling guiltless, but deserved.

    Denise Josephs Stewart

  68. Comment by Darrick Collins:

    In today’s teaching I learn that you will never achieve great things without going out on the edge or tree lim to get the Fruit. I also learn that writing is key entry point of spirit into matter in manifesting your Prosperity.

  69. Comment by Mary Wilson:

    The Laws 0f Thinking have been such a blessing to me , ihave been spreading the word concering the Laws of Thinking, iam now giving some pastors the book and told others how to get it .About two months ago I did a teaching on the mind and thoughts and the Laws of Thinking added to it . this book is #1 and a blessing to those who want to excell and to know who they are . I have been blessed so much and the teaching has been wonderful every prophecy that has been spoken to me has been directly on target.I count it a blessing to be a part of this wonderful move of God and to be apart of this great wisdom .Association bring assimilation .

  70. Comment by anthonyrhall:

    A woman by the name of Beverlyn Lawrence-Smith of Brooklyn,New York, that I met as a result of my cousin Prophetess Karen Baldwin blessed with a powerful tool a book called the “The Laws of Thinking”. I want to quote a message she sent to me and she said, “Sometimes God has to strip us, from our worldy routine and habits; to make us BE STILL in order to get our attention and listen to him; so that we will know Him and know He is Lord.” Then, she followed it up by saying, “Live you shall do” and “You bring joy to all the lives that touch you.” I thought about it and began to read the book and oh what a blessing. It allowed me to connect with my Spirit and pull out all of the wealth the Lord himself had given me. The gift of this book is much more than riches at this point in my life.

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