Laws of Thinking Seminar


The Laws of Thinking Seminar was a blast ? we had a great time on the Norwegian Dawn November 5-12. The workshops gave incredible insight to show you where you need to go to be in the next phase of your life. 


Post your comments about the wonderful time that you had at the workshop on the cruise.

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  1. Comment by christacrumpcnjesus:

    This is a well put together book that will surely BLESS millions who are willing to know the mind of how GOD wants us to be. We are GOD because GOD is in us. WOW!

  2. Comment by Catrina Pegues:

    Master Prophet Jordan,
    I purchased your book last week and was just blown away. Our Apostle has been teaching along the same lines for several months now. And to see how God continues to manifest this message through his vessels on this earth is AWESOME. I just can’t put it down. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!

  3. Comment by okakopa1:

    I attended the Atlanta seminar. What an awsome seminar. As a new person to Christ. I was very surprised to see what i did. The Master Prophet was so friendly and down to earth as were his staff. I was not raised in any church or attended church all that often as a child. My mother did not know what she wanted so we just did not attend church on a regular basis. So when I became a new person in Christ I was surprised to be treated as an outsider or even sneered at or just down right ignored. I almost turned away from God but God put a wonderful woman in my life who helped to understand that all Christians were not bad or high minded. She told about several different people as well as Bishop Jordan. I was dubious at first because we had been to seminar before so what was so different about this one.Well the presence of God!!! That what. I want to thank all of you for showing me that the loving side of a true believer. Thank you Master Prophet Bishop Jordan and your wonderful staff. I hope to be joining your prophetic school soon. I have enjoyed reading the first two chapters so far of the book, as I just got it. G

  4. Comment by okakopa1:

    Suday March 11th 2oo7 at 7:43 pm

    I want to thank Master Prophet and his wonderful staff for a very enlighting afternoon. The presence of God was surely there. Every one was so wonderfu and friendly, something you don’t see at these type of seminars. As an new christian I only have been doing this since 2000. I have encountered some very rude and mean evil spirited people. I almost turn away from God had it not been for a girl friend who stuck with me and showed me the spirit of God in her. Know matter what people said or did it did not change her faith or move her from her position. She stayed true to God. She was the one who told me about Bishop Jordan. I went to this seminar thinking it would be like the others and it was not. Thank you and God Bless all of you. I look forward to enrolling in school of prophets if the Lord says the same. Thank you and God Bless.

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