Law of Thinking Chapter 1. By Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan


Chapter 1

Do You Know Who You Are?

Then the Lord said to Moses, “See, I have made you like God to Pharaoh, and your brother Aaron will be your prophet.”— Exodus 7:1

Who are you?

You may have thought you knew the answer to that question, but you probably did not. Don’t tell me your name; that’s what you’re called, not who you are. Until you know who you are, you will not understand where you belong. Once you know who you are, it will become abundantly clear why you are here on earth, in your body, at this time.

Let’s begin this exploration by looking at one of the most famous scenes from the Old Testament: Moses speaking to the burning bush. In this passage of the Bible, Moses hears the voice of God speaking to him from a bush that burns but is not consumed. Aware that the bush’s not being consumed is a miracle, Moses humbles himself before the Lord and receives the charge that will change his life: liberating the Hebrews from bondage.

In Exodus 3:13-14, Scripture says, Moses said to God, “Suppose I go to the Israelites and say to them, ‘The God of your fathers has sent me to you,’ and they ask me, ‘What is his name?’ Then what shall I tell them?” God said to Moses, “I am who I am. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I AM has sent me to you.’ ” In those two words, “I Am,” reside the wholeness of your true nature.

Why Has God Placed You Here?
God placed you in this world not to wait around for him to put things into your hands, but for you to declare “I Am” yourself! When you state “I Am,” you declare not just who you are, but what your purpose is. They are one and the same. This is one of the essential truths of the Laws of Thinking:

Do You Declare “I Am”?
When you declare “I Am,” you become God. Your Divine Nature
Ignorant minds will look at that statement and call it blasphemy, but that is only because they do not truly understand the nature of the relationship between God and man. Each and every one of us was created in God’s image; there is nothing in God that does not exist in man, and nothing in man that does not exist in God. You were sent here by I Am, and I Am is the state of your mind and your imagination. There is divinity in you, if you can see it.
Wow. That is a huge idea, maybe the hugest of ideas. You are God.

Did You Know You Are God?
But when you think about it, is it really so far-fetched? Man is the only creature with the power to create and shape his world, to bring things into being by first thinking them into being (because all things begin in the mind) and then working to manifest them into physical reality. Who else has the power to create what did not exist before? God, of course! When you declare your “I Am” nature, you are claiming your divine birthright and stepping into your role as God’s proxy in this world. You begin to discover your purpose, which is to walk in divinity and declare God’s will to men through your works and your actions.

What does this mean?
It means that in the same way that God’s declaration becomes reality, your declaration becomes reality. When you state “I Am,” you inherit the same power to make your thoughts manifest in this reality. In this way, you move beyond want, which is the source of misery and poverty of the spirit, as Buddha knew. Instead of wanting and coveting, walk in your divine nature:

If you desire the thing, declare yourself to BE the thing and it will manifest.

What Do You Desire?
If you desire a fine house, you must be the house. If you desire to be the owner of a prosperous company, you must declare yourself to be that company. There is no difference between your being and that company, house or whatever else is your passionate desire. That is your divine power, granted to you as part of your being by the Father! There is no greater inheritance.

People Will Scorn You for Not Being Consumed

Now Moses was tending the flock of Jethro his father-in-law, the priest of Midian, and he led the flock to the far side of the desert and came to Horeb, the mountain of God. There the angel of the LORD appeared to him in flames of fire from within a bush. Moses saw that though the bush was on fire it did not burn up.
—Exodus 3:1-2

Do You Claim Your “I Amness”?
When you claim your “I Am” nature, you will be as God in that burning bush: on fire, but not consumed. This will be wondrous to you, as you feel your awareness of prophecy and God’s purpose in your life open up like a flower within you, and as you walk daily in the Word knowing you are progressing toward the destiny God ordained for you even when the universe was formed. But when other people perceive your divine nature, they will be confused.
They will see that you are as the burning bush, but that you are not consumed.

Can You See God In Man?
You see, most people can’t see God in man. They crave miracles, but they want to see miracles that involve seas parting or plagues of locusts (preferably raining down on people they don’t like), and they fail to realize that the true miracle is the opening of the eyes of a person like yourself. The miracle is that you are God, and that you can be in flesh, declaring yourself to be God and yet not be consumed by the Spirit within you. How is that possible? That’s the miracle.

When your Am consciousness becomes aware of itself, you can live and walk in Spirit and yet not be consumed by it. By becoming aware of the Spirit within you, you become that Spirit. That consciousness is a flame-retardant suit that lets you manipulate spirit to create the works of God without being burned by it.

Do You Put Aside Your Purpose?
Do not be put aside from your purpose or discouraged by people who do not or cannot understand the nature of your true self, even as they cannot look away from the fire. The path of each life is a choice, and some will choose to become aware after you do, and others will never be aware at all. Do not pity them, but also do not listen to their negative or doubting words. Be true to your divine truth.

Are You Aware of God’s Nature?

The teachings in this part of the book are the foundation for all that comes later. The simple, cosmic truth is that God wants you to walk in divinity and experience Him the way you’re supposed to: as his partner in bringing the Word into flesh in this world. This goes against many traditions that insist God is angry, punitive and always seeking a reason to cast man into Hell. That’s absurd. If you are a reflection of everything that exists in God, why would He cast rage and retribution at Himself?

Why would He damn himself? Learning the Laws of Thinking turns many traditional Christian teachings on their heads and reveals them for what they really are: methods of controlling fearful, small-minded people. When you wake up and start partaking of God’s true nature, you begin partaking of your own true nature. Or to say it another way:

If you’re not aware of God’s nature, you’re not aware of your own nature.

Do You Know Who You Are?

You won’t know who and what you are (and who and what you can become) until you understand who and what God is. You can only partake of a revelation that you have received. As long as you are walking in a state of un-awareness, you cannot have the things that God has decreed for you.

Did You Know God is Not a Noun?

Whoa. I just blew your mind, didn’t I? Get used to it—that’s going to happen a lot in The Laws of Thinking. But it’s true: God is not a noun. A noun is a person, place or thing, and God is all of the above, but above all, God is a Force, a Mind, an Intellect, and a Spirit. That Spirit exists for one reason above all others: to manifest change in the world. So if you take that idea to its logical conclusion, you come to this:

Did You Know God is a verb?

God is an action word. Remember, God states that His name is “I Am.” I Am is an action phrase that stems from the verb “to be.” So to be God—which is what you are—is to be. When you come into your “I Am” awareness, you are in action as God. God is action. God in you is a force to take action to create change in this physical reality. God is the action itself. Once you are in an “I Am” state of being, you are the action yourself.

What does that mean?

It means that once you declare your “I Am,” you claim both the power and the responsibility to act on manifest God’s will on earth. When you say “I Am,” you have just taken on a new acting role, with God waiting to see the new action you are about to take on. You are the actor, writer, director, producer, and the cause of all things.

What Must You Produce?

You must produce your cause, but make sure it’s in line with God’s cause. If it’s a contrary cause, you will get contrary results. John 10:30 says, “I and the Father are one.” You must be in alignment of purpose with God if your actions are to bring forth the manifestations He desires. That’s critically important. That’s why it is vital to suppress your intellect and your ego even as you are proclaiming yourself to be “I Am.”

Even as you partake of the divinity that God has granted you, you must not try to impose your own will on what God desires of you. You must be open to hearing God and to producing and creating what He has in mind for you to create.

Can You Set Aside Your Ego?

When you can set aside ego (not an easy thing for anyone to do) and keep your mind still and at peace, you open yourself to being a conduit of ideas that come to you directly from God. As long as there is that agreement of mind and purpose, you experience the constant, eternal inflow of ideas and inspiration from God.

You end up copying from the Source. It’s like having the smartest kid in class always sitting next to you, always letting you copy off his homework! You wake in the morning alive with anointing and a flood of new ideas, new things to build and create, new opportunities to sow and give, new wealth coming your way. It’s a thrilling way to live and to serve the intent of the Lord.

Do You Know What Universe You Live In? We Live in a Universe of Becoming. A little way back, I gave you an incomplete definition. I told you that “I Am” was taken from the verb “to be,” but that’s only partially true. “I Am” is also derived from the verb “to become.” I held this back because it was a little too soon to share it with you, but you’re ready for the revelation now. This is the revelation, the first of the Laws of Thinking:

Law #1: We live not in a universe of being, but of becoming.

Does static live?

Nothing that lives is static. God is not static. He did not just create the world eons ago and then sit back and never change. God is EVOLVING; he is changing His being, his ideas, and his purposes all the time. God is becoming. And because you were created in God’s image with all things in you that are God, you are also becoming. If you stand still, if you are only being, then you are dead. We don’t live in a universe that was made; we live in a universe that is being made, every moment.

What Comes In Stages?

Everything comes in stages. Everything and everyone is evolving, changing, and becoming something new, moving toward what it will be tomorrow. And when it reaches that state, guess what? It begins to become what it will be the next day! Every moment, you are moving toward a new state of being—either toward fulfillment of your potential as determined by God or away from that fulfillment.

Who Makes The Choice?

The choice is yours, but you can never stop moving. You are always on the road to becoming someone other than who you are at this very moment. The question you must ask is:

“Who am I becoming?”

There’s blessed freedom and joy in the fact of becoming. You are never trapped in where or what you are.
You are never stuck in a state of poverty, ill health or

loneliness…unless you choose to be. That is the message of “I Am.” When you declare yourself to be God, you are taking responsibility for your becoming. Isn’t God in charge? Then why should anyone else be in charge of saving you from a life that is not what you hoped it would be? The harsh reality is, no one will save you.

Whose Job Is It?

That’s not the job of the prophets, your friends, your family, anyone. It’s not God’s job. His task is to lay the path before you and say, “Here, I have ordained this for you to follow.” Whether or not you follow is entirely up to you.

Becoming empowers us to change what we are and our lot in life. If it didn’t, people who started off poor would not become billionaire owners of huge corporations or world-famous rap superstars. They would remain on their dirt farms, or end up dead or in prison. Instead, they understood that their destiny was to become, that becoming empowered them to change their reality.

Do You Go Back To The Word?

Go Back to the Word, to become, you must discover your “I Am,” and to do that, you must go back to the Word. You must be at peace, rest your thoughts and your ego, and listen to the voice of God speaking to you. If you do not do this, then you will condemn yourself to live in a universe of the past, like a still photo of the way your life once was. You will be stuck. The universe as it is in God’s mind is a motion picture, one that He is always editing—and that you, as God’s partner, are helping him edit. If God is the Master Editor, you in your “I Am” state of mind are his apprentice.
Do You Know The Concept Of Becoming? For some people, the concept of becoming and of an evolving, changing God is difficult to accept. It makes them feel more secure to think that God stopped with the Bible that He never changed. But if we mirror God, then look how much the world of men has changed in the thousands of years since the stories in the Bible took place. Does it not make sense that God would change as well?

And anyway, we are in a constant state of creation. Our bodies create new cells every moment. We replace all the trillions of cells in our bodies every seven years. We are constantly being reborn in flesh, and because of God’s love, we are constantly reborn in Spirit. That love gives every cell a second chance, a third chance, a fourth chance to awaken to the truth of “I Am” and realize its true potential. Every morning, you area renewed and healed. You have a brand new day to change the world.

Are You a “Favor-ite?”

In the Bible, you can read about the many tribes that lived in the land where Moses led the Hebrews after their escape from slavery: the Hittites, Jebusites, Canaanites and so on. But what if there was a new tribe, and what if membership was based no on your bloodline, but on your ability to be at one with the Word and the purpose of God, to allow God to manifest through you? What if declaring and living your “I Am” status gained you entry to this elite group? You would become a “Favor-ite,” one upon whom God has cast his grace and favor.

When you become a Favor-ite, a season of grace and favor will be upon you. Good things will come into your life without you having seemed to work for them; you were busy sowing or giving money or working to develop an idea in another area, and money just showed up at your door. And people will say, “How did you do that?” More important, they will say, “Why does he get that when I’m working so hard and I get nothing?” Just smile inside yourself and know a fundamental truth of God’s order of things:

Is Favor Fair?

Favor isn’t fair. That’s right. Favor doesn’t come to those who earn it through the sweat of their brow, and it doesn’t come to those who do nothing more than sit in church, never give more than the minimum and sit back and wait for God to smile upon them. God looks with pity on them, because they don’t get it. Favor only comes to those who understand how God operates in this world. Favor is not fair. Some people will hate you because of this inequity, but you have to be able to withstand their censure and still declare “I Am” even if they say you are arrogant. Because whose favor matters more: God’s or your neighbor’s?

How Does God Operate?

I’ve saved the most important idea for the end of this chapter, because it’s going to shape the rest of the material to come. I’ve said that the key to favor and to realizing the potential that God has preordained for your life lies in understanding how God operates in this world—comprehending the Laws He has created and therefore must follow. That fact can be boiled down to this statement:
The purpose of human existence is to express the purpose of the Spirit of God in the material world.

Wow! That’s a huge idea! That would mean that instead of being put here by God to scurry around like ants, as some Christians would have you believe, God puts each of us here to play a role in bringing forth the physical manifestation of God’s plan. Each person plays a part in bringing to fruition a part of that blueprint.

Who Is The Prime Architect?

God is the Prime Architect, and each of us is the architect of our own existences, thinking things into being with the power of our minds. That is why God created Man: to play his role in bringing forth the myriad parts of God’s eternal purpose. To put it another way:

What Is The Whole Aim Of Creation? The whole aim of creation is manifestation. If that’s not earth-shaking enough for you, try this: God needs you. He needs us all. You see, God is not flesh. He is Spirit. The purpose of Spirit is to express, but because Spirit is not flesh, it cannot express itself on this material plane. It needs a vessel to fill, and then the Spirit can guide that vessel to express its purpose. Notice that the word “manifestation” even begins with the word “man.”

That is why God created us and the cosmos: to express His purpose in material reality! That’s a thrilling, humbling responsibility, isn’t it? The purpose of human existence is to express the purpose of Spirit—to make it manifest in the material realm. But to do that, you must understand that you are also Spirit. You are a walking, talking Spirit clothed in a suit of flesh and blood, and it is that Spirit that makes you one with God.

Can You Feel Or Hear The Spirit?
Many people cannot feel or hear their Spirit speaking within them, and so they do not speak with the voice of Spirit. That is why it is so important to be at peace and still—to quiet your mind and the chaos of your thoughts, intellect, worry and fear—so that you can hear the Spirit speaking within you.

Are You Fully Aware?
When you become fully aware of that Spirit—when you pay it full attention—you call it forth and can then claim your “I Am” state of being. You become spirit ex primo, spirit pressed out. Man is simply God pressed out into this world through flesh. When you hear and embrace the Spirit that you share with God, your words press His thoughts out, and you express the light of God within you.

That is why it is so crucial to always be thinking about wealth, prosperity, health, peace and so on. When you are speaking in Spirit, your words will manifest, for good or ill. You are here on this earth to manifest your “I Am” and to go forth and bring God’s vision to life. Your aim is to become God.

How’s that for a first chapter? There’s a lot more to come.

Lesson Summary

  1. You have a divine nature that you share with God.
  2. You must realize “I Am” in order to manifest. You must become the things you want.
  3. God is an action.
  4. We live in a universe of becoming. You are always becoming something.
  5. Favor isn’t fair.
  6. You were created by God to manifest his vision.
  7. You are Spirit.
  8. Your purpose is to become God.

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48 comments to “Law of Thinking Chapter 1. By Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan”

  1. Comment by Minnie Collie:

    Hello, Master Prophet and the company of prophets.
    I really loved THE LAW OF THINKING BOOK. I like the part about the mind has to be taught to die. I thought about our minds like a computer the things that shouldn,t be there we need to delete. and we need to reboot our minds so that we can think in the I AM, to manifest the things we desire.

  2. Comment by Sophia L'Elie:

    Hello Bishop,
    I learned that unless you think and feel that you are favored you will be favored. I think there for I am. Only thoose feel that one person is being favored more than themselves shows that they do not feel or think they are favored in themselves and can not be a favor-ite.

    I also realized from this first chapter that events that trigger worry or fear is only a distraction from the truth of realizing that “I AM GOD”. Nothing is ever permanent so don’t let the current circumstance cloud the mind its just a waste of time and currency.

    It is always an honor to read your written works. Bishop.

  3. Comment by Prophet James Wright:

    Until I know who I am, I don’t know where I belong.

  4. Comment by Prophet Anthony Reid:

    Master Prophet I learned tonight that I am here on earth for a purpose,in the Image of God with all the facets that God is. I am Co-Creator with God. God can not do any thing on this Earth Realm without my Permission and Choise. I am god. I am all things that I think I am.

    Prophet Anthony Reid

  5. Comment by Prophetess Bennetta Croxton:

    God bless you Master Prophet the book is awesome. Thank God for allowing me to find out who “I am”. I am that I am. I am what GOD says that I am. I am also glad to know that I am a “FAVOR-ITE” and I know that favor is not fair. Just to know that I am a spirit speaking being and anything that I desire I can speak to it, become it and it shall manifest just because I am that I am, GOD. There is nothing in GOD that does not exist in me. WOW this is powerful.

  6. Comment by Prophetess Kimberly Ford:

    Thank you for this book, I am in a place right now where I have is faith, which is I AM. I have no other options than using these principles as my divine inheritance. I am finding out who I really AM, God’s proxy in this world manifesting as HE, in Genesis when HE said LIGHT BE…Now I must declare HOUSE BE, FURNITURE BE, MERCEDES C320 BE, etcetera…I must go within or do without…Cosmic Economics has been my teaching in my car for 30 days…I AM eternally grateful…thank you very much Master Prophet….this is an eternal connection ordained before the foundation of the world.. I am glad I remembered…

    I AM

    Prophetess Kimberly Ford

  7. Comment by Tonya Greene:

    Blesssings to the Master Prophet for going into the deep waters and bringing back from the ethers the Mind of God to Man. As I read the words of the first two chapters, I began remembering things that were already there. As a child, we know that we believe in
    God immediately when we learn of him as children without doubting. Our thinking, my thinking had become contaminated with the views experiences of the world. The Spirit manifesting in me as God.All I have to do is believe I AM!! SEE IT CREATE IT AND IT IS SO!! Thank you Father for loving me so much that you are allowing me to Create my world, again! I now know that doubters need to be placed in their place and believers in their own space. Jesus said I and my Father are one! I allow the manifestation of God’s gifts to unfold in me to me.

  8. Comment by Maurice Donaldson:

    Greetings Master Prophet,
    Every since I received the book The Laws of Thinking, my mind has been awakened from a world of sleep. At times my mental alarm goes off, but I push snooze and go back asleep. However, when I began to read your book, the alarm of knowledge and wisdom has awaken my mind, body, and spirit. Thank you so much for my blessing because “I AM GOD”. God Bless-Maurice Donaldson

  9. Comment by Prophetess Cynthia Clark:

    There is divinity in you, if you can see it.

    That’s why the Bible says: Let this mind be in you (or allow this mind to be in you) that was also in Christ Jesus, who being in the image of God, thought it not robery to be equal with God.

    You have to get your mind out of the way and just allow the God mind or the God consciouness to take over.

  10. Comment by Tonya Greene:

    The Laws of Thinking is an awesome work which allows one the become aware of his thinking in the now to impact and change the present reality! It has already begun to make a difference and I am only on Chapter4! It is a book that I will value and Hold onto.
    I am motivated to manifest the things yet done in my life.

  11. Comment by ElexiaCraig:

    hello Master Prophet, i have learn that, when i know who IAM and WHO’S IAM, I will be god in the earth,creating evolving,becoming Each day when i awake /renew i will speak into the void places in my life.

  12. Comment by Prophetess Sharon Williams:

    Wow, wow, wow, wow. Thank you for this manual for thinking Master Prophet. This book deserves a worthy seed. I am seeing my seed in your hand. Thank you for everything that you do for God’s people.

    Blessings to you and your Family, and the Ministry.

    God Bless!

  13. Comment by Prophetess Yasmin Best:

    Master Prophet!

    I Thank you so very much because when I entered Zoe I did not know whoI was, and I was living in a comfort state!
    As I have sat under your teaching my mind has been expanded and I’m learning who I am and I’m also living in a Risk Mode!
    I have no more desires because “I AM GOD”
    I just manifest rest and go to the next!

  14. Comment by daphne johnson:

    Recognizing that I am God has allowed me to change my thinking , my confession, and my focus. Instead of asking God to help me I can truely decree a thing. Knowing and uderstanding that I have the ability to create and form things just as God did with my words, which are spirit and that they take on life once I speak them.

    I no longer accept what I see but I can speak what I know because I create my existence, my reality, my life. God has already done what he is going to do. If anything else is to be, it’s up to me

  15. Comment by ANNIE LANG:


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  17. Comment by Ronald_Sanders:

    I really loved the book. I had to read it all the first night. I just couldn’t put it down. Even though
    the Prophet gave me some good news, negative things
    began to pop up every day, trying to get me down, and
    I go and declare I am, over and above all
    that is going on. I found comfort in hearing the prophet’s voice during the conference call, and I will be using the pricples in this book for life. I believe what the company of prophets are saying, and I’m not going to let my connection be broken. I know that real soon things will change. God bless you all.

  18. Comment by Quincy Mason:

    Thank you Master Prophet for these great truths. I enjoyed reading the topic of knowing who I am to know where I’m going. To know who you are allows you to know what position in life you’re supposed to play. I like to use sports as an analogy. If I was the greatest center in basketball and tried to play the point guard position, I wouldn’t have much success. Often times, people know there is greatness within themselves, but they’re playing out of position. Thank you for being the flashlight in my life and letting me know what position that I’m supposed to play in. God bless.

    Quincy Mason

  19. Comment by Charlene Cole:

    Dear Master Prophet,
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful, empowering book containing such a wealth of knowledge and instruction on right thinking, the likes of which I have never seen before. It is truly a masterpiece, a priceless treasure, and a blessing to anyone who has the good fortune of receiving a copy to read. I thank God for you, your family, your ministry, and your teachings. May God continue to bless you, your family, and your ministry in all of your endeavours, as you all are truly a blessing to us. There is nothing in God that is not in me, Praise God!

  20. Comment by Prophetess Patricia Murthy:

    Master (Genius) Prophet. The Laws of Thinking is brilliant. A light of Truth to the annals of my Mind. As I read each word , each passage, my Spirit is watered as water fills my eyes. God IS action! It is something I have always known down deep but you said it…You speak treasures and secrets and I am grateful to be receptive. You are brilliant and I thank you Master Prophet for being a great teacher, my teacher. I now must read on…

  21. Comment by Prophetess Chava Golden:

    Peace and blessings! Thank you for this eternal book Master Prophet of prophets. The Law of Thinking is a midwife and will help people birth a great life.

  22. Comment by Prophetess Sharon Williams:

    This book is pheonminal!! I am reading it slowly and conscioiusly so that I can digest every principle and word!! Thank you Master Prophet for sharing and liberating The Mind of God in his People!!

    God Bless You!

  23. Comment by Nicholas (Nick) Williamson:

    Thanks for the book I am enjoying it and I am still finishing it. I love realizing that I am God in me.
    Be Blessed from God, in God, as God in you Amen.

  24. Comment by Prophetess Tawan Chester:

    This chapter doesn’t just open your eyes it awakens your consciousness. This is the information we need to build on if we truly want to excel and succeed. Thank you Master Prophet.

    Prophetess Tawan Chester

  25. Comment by Demetrius Johnson:

    Good Morning Bishop

    I awaking my mind this morning by finishing the law of thinking-thank you so much for the spiritual awakening of this book it is mind blowing into a new dimension on a new age level. lives are purpose for change and thank you for the mentoring coachness in you where others can use these everyday principles of truth because the thinking begins with you(us, me and I)Our mind is the only true bank there is. I am the righteousness of God
    Many Blessings with oveflow

  26. Comment by LeTicai:

    I am ever grateful for God’s guidance to people such as Bishop Jordan along my journey. This visit has been like an alarm clock to awaken me to my destiny.
    I wish all who visit much success – happiness – prosperity and good health. May you each reach the great destiny God has intended for your life.

  27. Comment by Prophetess DeBorah M. Allen:

    This book by Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan will renew your mind and change your life. Romans 12:1 states “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God”. Master Prophet shows you how to renew your mind so that you will not only prove what is good; but also receive the good that GOD has for you.

    This book will increase your faith. Hebrews 11:1 states: “ Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. But what is that “substance”? As I read the LAWS of Thinking it because clear to me that the “substance” is the “creative power” of GOD produce by the mind of GOD, given unto men.

  28. Comment by Pastor Demetrius Johnson:

    Hello Bishop Jordan and the prophetic panel and its staff, friends and many who labor with zoe ministries. I would like to thank you Bishop Jordan for the “Law of thinking and its entirely this book is a keeper, I am just finishing up the laws of thinking it has truly given me enlightment,empowerment and most of all it has expand my mind to think farther than the norm but to go the extra in the God in me’The I am and to know that I serve the verb, the action God the God that is a verb and not a noun because in him I live and in him I move and have all of my being. God Bless you Bishop and the zoe family.


    Pastor J.

  29. Comment by Pastor Demetrius Johnson:

    And another thing to know who I am and not what I am call. that is my purpose for living, Hallelujah

    shekinah Glory

  30. Comment by Geraldine Boyd:

    Master Prophet Jordan, Thanks for the book “The Laws
    of Thinking”. First I had to understand and except that God made me in His image and that He lives on the inside of me before I could claim that I AM God a co-creator, but once I got it I can say it yes I AM.

    I realize that I must be aware of what goes into my ears so it want corrupt my mind with negative thoughts. I know now that God is a God of action, a right now on time God that’s why when He declare a thing with His words it comes into existence, so no longer am I ignorant to the will of God and His way of doing things, and now I can declare I AM God a Infinite Being.

  31. Comment by Sandra Wiggind:

    God Bless You Bishop, Laws of Thinking have change the way I see myself in God’s eyes. I never image that I was created to be and act just like God. I AM have become apart of my prayer life everyday. Now that I know that I have that special gift of God I will live my life in the I AM. God have just allow me to purchase my desire car 2years early. On my plates it’s going to read I AM. What an awesome and powerful book. I enjoyed each and every page I read, there was day when the words seem to have came off the page as it minister to my soul.I can’t share my copy becaues I wrote through out the book, so I share by word of mouth.

  32. Comment by Janice Reed:

    Praise the Lord Prophetess Debra and the Company of Prophets. I learned tonight that I must change my thinking and feelings. If it’s contrary then it’s temporary. I have a right to have, be, and do what God says that I can have, do, and be. I must validate myself. This is a life changing teaching. Thank you.

  33. Comment by Proohet Simmons:

    You must make yourself feel good.God only gives you your feeling. Feeling gets the blessing!Thats the law of spirit….

  34. Comment by ProphetAnthonyReid:

    Tonight teaching thought me that Spirit is like God always becoming. Thought is infinite and creative so whatsoever we can imagine we will materalise. Spirit only manifest in stillnes and in peace in the Now.

    Prophet Anthony Reid

  35. Comment by Donna Smith:

    Dear Prophetess Jordan and the company of prophets;
    Thank you for this awsome teaching, it was filled with powerful truths. The part of the lesson that was a light bulb moment for me dealt with perception. “If you percieve it you will recieve it.” That was huge!
    Perception is an emotion that if based on a lie can reep unwanted results.

  36. Comment by BENNIE L. MILES, JR.:


  37. Comment by Prophetess Mary Jordan:

    To night leasson taught how important name is and how important writing is as long as we hold it in our mind we have put it in the holding pin so we must name what we want then write it down when you write it then you have release.once you release it will materialize any thing that dosen’t have a name dosen’t have a purpose in the earth and watch out for the name because you will get what you say.
    Thank You Master Prophet For The Law Of Thinking
    8-17-06 Fear is a lie dont let fear tarry in your sight

  38. Comment by Naomi Cage:

    This is the Vision I have gotten from reading the book thus far. Thank you Master Prophet.


    Let me introduce myself, my name is Healing Evangelist, Naomi Cage. God has placed a vision in my heart to open a Healing Center in Harvey, IL to show His
    people the alternative healing paths available that solve illness instead of cover up the problem.

    I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in January 2003 after the transition of my daughter in September 2002. My symptoms are rolling of my right eye and off balance in walking. I went to the doctors spent eleven days in hospital being pumped with steroids, insulin ended up feeling worst instead of better. I left the hospital nothing resolved. After weeks of weaning off the steroids, I took matters into my own hands. I prayed to God to show me the way to healing. The journey began, I first made changes in my diet after hearing a testimony of a young man who was diagnosed with MS saw improvements in three weeks on Bishop Dennis Leonard, The Power to Obtain Optimum Health & Nutrition. Even though I saw improvements, I still ended up taking Copaxone for one year with no improvements I, which stopped. I met Christine Allbright who healed herself of MS in four years by using the method of connecting with the Inner Healer that lives within us all. I have been on this journey for three years; my quality of life has improved greatly. I believe as I continue my journey within my eye with stop rolling. This has led to the many connections God led me to on my healing path I would like to share with others I feel will help them find their healing path.

    We need a Healing Center where the people can come to learn about them. I am sending this letter to you because you were one of my stops that helped me on the road to healing.

    What you offer will be at the Healing Center, FREE ADVERTISING for you. Can you donate brochures, sample products or make a donation to help get this vision off the ground.


    Naomi Cage
    Healing Evangelist













  39. Comment by Anthony L. Walsh:

    Thank You Master Prophet,

    This chapter is another mind uplifting experience.
    When i read the first chapter, I knew that this book is going to be a tool to turn my life around for all things successful ,and a resource on how get my behind in gear to fullfill all of my desires.
    Lining my “I AM” up with the word of GOD = Infinite Abundance


  40. Comment by Lorna Larmond:

    Master Prophet thank you so much for sending me the laws of thinking Great book it really opened my eyes to a lot of things and helped me to move out of the comfort zone that I thought was alright for me.God bless you.

  41. Comment by kit:

    This is totally a new revelation to me…

    I don’t quite understand this statement by Bishop Jordan’s, “They will see that you are as the burning bush, but that you are not consumed” Can someone elaborate…

  42. Comment by kit:

    This is totally a new revelation to me…

    I don’t quite understand this statement by Bishop Jordan, “They will see that you are as the burning bush, but that you are not consumed…declaring yourself to be God and yet not be consumed by the Spirit within you.” What does it mean by not being consumed by the Spirit? and What harm is it in being consumed by the Spirit?

    Can someone elaborate.

  43. Comment by Wes Ratliff:

    deep !!!!!!

  44. Comment by Jonathan Quiroz:

    wow everything u wrote that i have read so far is amazing i wasnt able to read th whole book beacuse well, its complicated but i really want to sow that seed but i dont know how to get the money

  45. Comment by carolyn donald:

    And again I say to you thank you. I AM who I AM thanks to your teaching
    I can feel God in me now it is such A warm feeling, But such a mind opening. Teach me the way of GOD, so that I may be as he wants me to be.A just I AM

  46. Comment by Prophet Fitzroy A.Green:

    October 23,2006

    Thank you Master Prophet for blowing the seven trumpets in Zion. Is there not a cause? For this cause were we made manifested in the earth. The following were caught while you thought the “Law of Thinking.”

    * This body is not me, I am not my body. I am a manifestation of what Spirit has talked up.
    * I am is the making Power.
    * Truth will hide himself from the fool, but to the wise truth will reveal himself.
    * When you declare “I AM”, you become God.
    * There is Divinity in me. Once you understand there is Divinity in you, you can no longer live as humanity. Hue-man is the body or the coat of skin, Spirit-man is the God-man, the Christ-man or Divinty.
    * God became man, so man can become God.
    * All things begins in the mind.
    * If your heart is not in it, your consciousness is not in it.
    * If you are not aware of God nature, you are not aware of your own nature.
    * God is a verb, not a noun.
    * I am the cause of all things.
    * All things are the children of your consciousness.
    * God will reveal what he’ll bring you to, but he never reveal what he is going to take you through.
    * We are in a constant state of creation, being and becomming.
    * Anything you want on the earth plane, you have to pay mind to it (pay attention).

  47. Comment by Lee Venible:

    I am a child of GOD.With out him I am nothing.His son Jesus gave his life for me,for where he is I may also be.

  48. Comment by Temujin von Raven:

    The more I search for truth,the more truth I find.
    I am so glad that I ran into our program while channel surfing looking for something besides the bad news that fill our air waves.I look foward
    to my research into the good news that you share so mankind can wake up and feel Gods Love!

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