Chapter 2: The Law of Spirit


“The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children.”
Romans 8:16

1.  Do You Know What Fear Is?
Let’s talk about fear. Fear is a useless emotion. Think of the word FEAR as standing for False Evidence Appearing Real. That means when you feel fear about doing something, it’s because something is lying to your eyes and ears and making you believe you do not have what it takes to reach a goal or bring success into your life. Fear is a self-fulfilling prophecy, the closest thing to the devil reaching into your life to wreak havoc and cause you misery. Of course, as with all things involving the Laws of Thinking, you have to choose to let fear become a factor in your life. If you do, then you reap the results, just as you do when you approach your life with confidence and trust in God.

Fear brings pain and struggle to your life because it prevents you from taking actions that benefit you and fulfill the vision of the Almighty, but that’s not fear’s greatest effect. The most damaging effect of fear comes in the mind. Here’s something you should know:

2. What Does The Mind Act On?
The mind acts on the impulse of the strongest suggestion given to it. Whatever you are focusing on, that is what will come into being. You must be focused on what comes from your spirit in order to control the suggestion that influences your mind, or you will be subject to negative suggestions from your mind and the world.

3. What have you been suggesting to your mind?
Fear and worry? Or confidence and faith? Whatever thoughts dominate your mind, that is what you will bring into existence in the world of thoughts, and what becomes thought eventually becomes material. If you are living in poverty or material want, it’s probably because you’re living in the physical manifestation of your fears!
4. Where Are You Blocking Spirit?
When you open your mind to the Word and the purpose of God, you work in Spirit, and creating the prosperity and opportunity you desire in your life becomes much easier. You see, Spirit is the original creative force; Spirit exists to manifest on this physical plane. So when you are operating fearlessly and boldly in Spirit, you do not need to work to create the result you want. Spirit will create them for you. Money and financial opportunity will flow into your hands seemingly without effort, because when you remove all the barriers from Spirit and let it work through you, it is like a river of good fortune rushing right at you.

5. What About When You Struggle?
When you think you are operating in Spirit and you know you have listened to God’s Word and are working in unison with him? What’s going on then? Well, it probably means that you have let worry creep into your thinking. When you struggle to manifest your desires, or when you just hit rough patches in life, it is because you are fighting the purpose of Spirit in you. Your ego is getting in the way of God’s purpose. It’s as if you’re saying, “Wait, Lord, I know how to do this better.”

6. How Is God Going To Manifest?
Let me tell you this: it’s folly to ask God how he’s going to manifest blessings and favor in your life, and even more foolish to try to tell God how it should happen. God wants to work with you as a conduit for Himself to manifest on earth; he doesn’t want you to tell him how to be God. Worry, stress, doubt—these are all ways of essentially saying you don’t trust God. God wants to be trusted. When you worry or doubt, you block the working of Spirit. Worry constipates the manifestation of spirit. Everything has a flow, but stress, fear, anxiety…they block that flow. In a way:

7. What Is Worry? Worry is meditation in the wrong direction: nega-tation.
Struggle is the universe’s way of teaching you to let go of your ego and quit blocking the Spirit that is working through you. When you struggle, you’re reminded to quit fighting, trust God, let go of the wheel and let Him drive. Are things in your life not manifesting? Where could you be blocking Spirit?
8. What Is The Power of Naming?
We’ll take a closer look at this later in the book, but it’s important to mention it here. Part of the laws of the Spirit is the power of naming. The secret and the power to living is knowing the name of who you are and what you want. This is an ancient idea that predates Christianity: once you know the true name of something, you can express its nature and command it. The name of a thing is the first, most basic expression of its Spirit. When you want to work in Spirit, first you must know and say the name of who or what you are trying to manifest in this world.

This goes back to the concept of declaring your “I Am”-ness and partaking of your divine nature. But it goes even further. You must also name the things you want in your mind. That freezes them there and allows Spirit to go to work manifesting them in physical reality. That manifestation can take time, but if you are patient, the manifestation will come. Remember, don’t ask God how long it will take. Just trust that it will come.

9. Do you know the names of the things you want to manifest in your life?
If not, you need to start thinking about that today. Right now.

10. Do You Embrace Your Sonship?
We all know that Jesus was the son of God. But he’s also called the Son of Man. Why is that? Because you are God, and so Jesus is as much the offspring of Man as of the Creator. This introduces the concept of “sonship,” We are called children of God, but what does that mean? In our walk as believers who grow in three stages of sonship:

1. Infancy, in which we can make no choices and are basically slaves of the actions of others.
2. Children of God, where we can begin to understand more about God and Spirit but still have no power to choose.
3. Mature sons (and daughters) of God. Here we have the ability, should we use it, to see the things the Father wants us to begin to know.

In time, we can come into what God is calling us into—our potential as leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, writers, parents, and beyond. When we fully understand what God wants of us and how we are to manifest it, we become something else: Heirs of God. All people are children of God; only a select few ever become His Heirs. They have passed through trials to learn and grow into the fullness of their status as co-equals with Jesus as sons of God.

11. Can You Yield?
There I go again, blowing your mind! Well, what if I told you that the universe is waiting for you to manifest as God? When you become a true son of God, all the universe and the creatures within it are waiting to yield to you! You only need to come to a place where that yielding can happen. Here’s something most people never even comprehend:

12. Are You At One With God?
You are already at one with God.
Separation from God does not exist. Everything is within the Infinite Mind. The only separation from God exists in your mind. That is the only sin in the world. As you progress toward sonship, you will begin to perceive that you are inside, not outside.

13. Are You the Captain of Your Soul?
Has your world bee rocked in just a chapter and a half? Good, because what I’m trying to do is lay to rest some of the more poisonous ideas circulating in the church these days. One of my goals is to help you understand that you are the captain of your soul:

It matters not how strait the gate, how charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.

by William Earnest Henley

14. Who Sets The Path & Creates The Laws?
God sets the path before you and creates the Laws by which you can succeed; He leaves it to you to select which path you will walk. To do otherwise would make you a puppet. Choice is power, and you must risk making the wrong choice to come into your power. Making choices and dealing with the consequences is the way you realize who you are as a being. Until there is realization, there is no manifestation.

The Law of Spirit
At the core of everything we’re talking about is Spirit. Spirit is the captain of your soul, not personality. Personality is what resides in your intellect, and your intellect can make you question the will of God. When you act from intellect, you are seeing yourself as separate from God. When you act in Spirit, you are one with God. The Law of Spirit is this:

Law #2:
Spirit seeks to manifest in our reality, but it can only do so through Man.

15. What’s The Purpose Of Spirit?
The purpose of Spirit is always to self-express, but Spirit—including God—has no physical self, so it cannot manifest on its own. God is pure Spirit; that is why the Creation occurred. Spirit is always seeking self-expression through manifestation. Spirit has goals; it is not static. But the only way spirit can have manifestation is through us! Spirit moves forward and has a future, but to manifest it must do so in evolving beings—you and me.

16. What’s Man’s Purpose?
That means man’s purpose is to be the vessel for Spirit. That’s a thrilling reality and an enormous charge, something you should take very seriously. The fact is, only man can move creation forward. Only man, working in spirit, knows what to do with creation. That is where the difference between being and becoming comes into play. When Spirit has no physical being through which to express itself, it is stuck being. But when it passes into a willing vessel—a man or woman obedient to the will of God and attuned to the voice of God—Spirit passes out of being and into becoming. Once we understand that we and our Father are one, we also pass from being into becoming. Spirit becomes through us.

The reverse is also true. All things aspire to become, but to do so, they must become Spirit. Until you become Spirit and declare your “I Am” to all, you are only being. You are static, unmoving in the fabric of God’s plan. But when you become Spirit, you start to become. You evolve, move forward, create, and begin to draw to you those good things that God has already placed in your future: money, success, recognition.

17. You Are You A Speaking Spirit?
You Are A Speaking Spirit. The truth becomes even more astonishing when you consider this: when you bring your mind to a place of peace and quiet, God talks to you. Well, Spirit can only speak to Spirit. So you must already be a Spirit! In fact, that is exactly what you are:

You are a speaking spirit passing from being to becoming.

Amen! You are a speaking spirit speaking back to God. God created you in his image and likeness; if God is spirit, so is Man. Your body is simply a vessel for your spirit to pass from being to becoming. It’s a tool for the spirit, allowing your mind, personality and body to shape the spirit and lead it to that state of becoming. You are a luminous being whose existence transcends this temporary cloak of flesh that you wear.

18 Is The Spirit Present In You?
That Spirit is already present in you, a creative, titanic source of power to effect change, waiting for you to discover it. It has been since you were born. At the date and time of your birth, your Spirit incarnated itself in you, longitude and latitude coming together at a time in the heavens and a place on earth. At that moment, the Spirit inhabiting you moved from being to becoming. That is where the Spirit’s, and your, journey begins. You are always in motion relative to your manifestation as Spirit, either toward it or away from it.

20. What Is Spirit?
Everything is Spirit. Ancient alchemists told that the world was created of four essential elements—air, earth, fire and water—with an invisible element, the ether, present to bind everything together. They were more right than they knew: Spirit is the unseen element that underlies everything on this physical plane. Just as when you touch a solid object you are not touching solid matter but the electrical charges in the empty space between electrons, when you experience anything in this world, you are experiencing Spirit.

21. How is this possible?
Think about the fact that nothing exists until first created in the mind of God or Man. The Spirit is that creative mind, acting to create without reservation the image that it has presented to itself. Your mind is always acting to create. It is always bringing forth a creative act. Your mind is creation in manifestation.

Being or thought manifests objectively from an invisible universe, brought forth from the invisible, from thought to form. You are always moving from thought to form. The Word is creation, and Spirit is always moving to find a form, a vessel to manifest itself in. That vessel is you, manifesting the Word, God’s power of creation.

22. When Did The Word Exist?
The Word existed before Time, and thought brought time into being. In the same way, you are moving from Word to form through Spirit. You must think like a millionaire—speak the Word of wealth—before you can form a million dollars. Everything starts with the Word and ends up in form. You were once the thought of your parents, and you ended up in form. To put this complex idea more simply:

God = Word = Spirit = Thought = Creation = Manifestation

When I say everything is Spirit, I mean everything. Everything you eat, touch, see, hear or wear is Spirit. Spirit is the idea and the energy of creation that formed everything in this world and will form everything to come. If something doesn’t exist yet in form, it does exist in spirit if you have thought it! That is the incredible power of thought. There are infinite ways to express that Spirit, but only one mind at the source: God, the Infinite Mind.

23. Is Money Spirit?
Money, too, is pure Spirit. In fact, money is the purest form of Spirit at work. Money is, after all, the power of change, and that is why Spirit manifests: to express itself through change. Tell me what change is possible without money? You’ll be thinking a long time. When we see change in the world, we are seeing the effect of money. Money brings thought into form; it is the tool through which Spirit manifests in the corporeal realm.

24. What’s The Highest Form Of Money?
The highest form of money is “I Am.” When you state “I Am money,” you bring money to you. You must have the boldness to come before the throne and declare that all is Spirit, and pull from that realm. When you can do that, doors will open. You will be able to give without thinking about reward, and you will create without worrying about money. You will operate purely in Spirit, inspired by the voice of God within you. You will manifest that which you desire most.

That is why people who truly operate in Spirit are not covetous people. When you acknowledge that all is Spirit, you have no business coveting. When you covet, you’re saying you’re too lazy to manifest something. You’d rather steal it. But when Spirit guides you, you can say to anyone, “Anything I need, you don’t have.” Because only Spirit can meet your needs. You manifest the things you need. That’s what I call getting to the root of prosperity, and like I like to say:

When you get to the root, you’ll get the fruit.

25. What Are Benefits Of Operating in Spirit?
The Benefits of Operating in Spirit In the end, God’s favor will only come to those who embrace their Spirit and take action according to the Word that Spirit brings to them. Situations and challenges might make you forget for a time that you are Spirit. Life will intrude and you may feel yourself filled with doubt and worry. That is normal, but it is important in that case for you to remember who and what you are and declare who and what you are. Remember that you are “I Am.” Once you recall that you are Spirit, you will change this world.

There are many other benefits to acting in Spirit:

· You gain the power to imagine, build and manifest. No other creature in the universe possesses that Godlike power. Want to invent a new kind of automobile engine? Imagine it and do it! Want to write music that will move nations and produce wealth for you and your family? Imagine it and do it! Ideas are currency and ideas create wealth. Ideas come from God.
· God talks to you. Spirit can only talk to Spirit, so God needs somebody to talk to. When he talks to you, He’s really talking to himself!
· You will not become angry or discouraged. Spirit does not feel those stress-creating emotions that derail you from your purpose. Spirit just IS. When you are operating in Spirit you will not become fearful that you are moving in the wrong direction or that the things you desire will not come to you. When Spirit directs you, it is impossible NOT to attain the objects of your desire.
· You will become a shape-shifter. When Jesus made the people of the synagogue angry, they took him to the brow of a hill and were going to cast him off the cliff to his death, but instead he passed among them and went his way. How did he do that? Because he was Spirit and was able to pass through circumstances and be untouched by them. You will become able to do that. There will always be someone seeking to throw you off course, but when you understand that you are Spirit, you will be able to go your own way and no one will be able to stop you.

Perhaps most wonderful of all, you will be one with God. You become God. You become one with the Source of all.

26. Should You Worry About People’s Anger?
Do Not Worry About People’s Anger A final word: when you tell people that you are Spirit, many will become angry. More to the point, when you begin to manifest the things and successes in your life that they covet, they will resent you. Small, petty people always resent the good fortune of others. Also, those who are saved but to not understand the Laws of Thinking and the methods of God will resent you as you ascend to the higher levels of thinking. When you challenge people’s ignorance, you will raise their ire.

27. What Happens When You Obey The Spirit Of Law?
It should not surprise you when I tell you that when you are obeying the Law of Spirit, the wrath of others does not matter. Men will always lead you to the brow of the hill; you must always pass and go your own way. Don’t get caught up in their fear and anger. You will always be tested to see whether you’re seeing it their way or God’s way. Struggle is a reminder that God’s way is the only way to achieve your potential.

28. Who Were They Talking About?
They Were Talking About You.
These are huge ideas with cosmic implications. But these Laws have been in motion since before the Creation. In fact, there was something said about you at the Creation, perhaps even before. You see, everything you have the potential to manifest in this world has been laid down since the Creation. You have the freedom to determine the form and amount of what you manifest when you are working in the Spirit, but God put it there for you before Time itself existed. That’s why we need prophets—so we can understand what was being said about us in the beginning. The reality of God and Spirit transcends what we think we know about time, destiny and the universe.

Once you understand the Alpha, you can understand how to move to the Omega. Once you understand the journey, you become the journey. That is an exhilarating, rewarding transcendent way to live and to do God’s work.

· Fear is a useless emotion.
· The mind acts on the impulse of the strongest suggestion given to it.
· You are at one with God.
· You are the captain of your soul.
· You are a speaking Spirit.
· Spirit can only manifest through Man.
· Money is Spirit.
· When you get to the root, you’ll get the fruit.
· When you operate in Spirit, you will become a shape-shifter.

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  2. Comment by Prophetess Sharon Williams:

    The power of naming. Until you can name yourself you will not be able to walk in your destiny! Is it possible Master Prophet that when a young man does not marry a woman or marry the mother of his child is because he has not defined himself so, therefore he cannot name his wife and this why there are so many unwed mothers and children whose father’s are not present in the home?

  3. Comment by Prophet Anthony Reid:

    Master Prophet I learned that Feelings brings the blessings. Fear is a set of thought(negative feelings) that is in concert, whose audience is of like mind and their manifestation is limited instead of being Infinite.
    Prophet Anthony Reid

  4. Comment by Prophetess Cynthia Clark:

    Speaking is good, but writing is permanent. Writing is the first manifestation from spirit into matter. You must become definite with the infinite.

  5. Comment by Prophetess Julia Fortune:

    Thank you again Grand Master Prophet for today’s teaching. I am becoming who I really am – an ongoing god.

    Peace and Love always.
    Prophetess Julia Fortune

  6. Comment by Prophetess Naomi Cook:

    The one thing that stuck out toninght is writing it down. Writing is making the vision plain. Writing is the first step to manifestation. I must entertain my prosperity angel by writing it down.

    The Laws of Thinking have you thinking as God, walking as God and Talking as God. I am god and I am walking, speaking and thinking as God.

    Prophetess Naomi Cook

  7. Comment by Nancy Dandy:

    I must use the measure of faith that God has given me. I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.

  8. Comment by Tanya Manada:

    Fear is the devil made manifest.
    Faith in God can move mountains.
    Fear is a mountain that is moveable, Amen.
    Moving Fear out of my life by the Power if Faith, put’s satan under my feet.
    By Naming, I am speaking my blessing into existence, which will bring forth it’s manisfestation into the earthly realm.
    I AM Queen of MY Universe, Amen

  9. Comment by Denise Stewart:

    Thank you again, Master Prophet for taking the time out to do these lessons on the phone. I learned Fear is a useless emotion that blocks the flow of spirit and its partner is the LIE. When you worry you negate God. Struggle is the ego. Naming expresses the nature of a thing. I am the Master of my fate, and the captain of my soul.

  10. Comment by ElexiaCraig:

    Hello Master Prophet,& co. of prophets, tonights teaching made me realize that, i have been aborting my babies. As i look back,even at the recent past,tonight I saw and heard that i did not write the vision (angle writing). As recent as a week ago after reading this chapter. I had a vision of prosperity.Even then GOD was speaking, and i still did not get it .I did not write the vision, tonight i angle write, and speak to the retrieveing angles.Because tonight, GOD put me in remembrance of that vision and a do it right now word (PREGNANT, WITHOUT THE INK) I will tell the vision later, right now i got to write the vision. Thank you Rev. Run this was a key i have been missing. I have read it,heard it, tonight became not only revelation but i heard the voice of GOD. “PREGNANT, WITHOUT THE INK” thank you Master Prophet & co. of prophets for obeying GOD. tonight my stuff got released. Peace!

  11. Comment by Prophetess Sandy Brown:

    Tonight’s lesson taught me that fear is truly kryptonite to faith. I recently learned cells are affected by our thoughts. Negative thoughts work such havoc in the delicate cell life of the nervous system that it takes weeks or months to repair the injury, or it may never be repaired.

    Worry, anxiety, anger, revenge, fear or jealousy wastes your vitality, grinds away the delicate mental machinery inducing premature age and shortening the life. Worry thoughts, fear thoughts, selfish thoughts are malignant forces.

    The Master’s teaching tonight helped me realize that fear is a useless emotion. Certainly an emotion we must avoid at all costs. An emotion that causes physical damage to the body, not mentioning how it cripples the mind and the spirit. Fear has been eliminated from my mind tonight. I will approach my life with confidence and trust in God.

    Thank you Master Prophet for continuing to enlighten us.

  12. Comment by Pastor Demetrius Hohnso:

    Hello Bishop Jordan
    What I learn out of the “Law of thinking is that you have to be the captain of your faith you have to move in your destiny with purpose, get out of fear the apostle paul says in Romans that I press towards the mark of the higher calling we have to press our way out of poverty thinking and think manifestation because when we realize we can materialize great teleconference and teaching God bless and peace.looking forward to many more like I said before this book is a keeper. Thank you for being my mentoring coach and not my cheerleader but someone that has purpose for teaching
    us global truths which is accessible with enpowerment, enlightment and most of all richness in the word of God in us.And like Prophet Simmons said your writing it down is permanent we have to write our vision and make it plain we have to speak it into exsistence. we have to call the spirit of wealth, health, prosperity and abundance with overflow and then we sow a seed and give it a name and watch the harvest take place. Again we have to Real(ize) to Material(ize)


    Pastor Demetrius Johnson
    Sugarland Texas

  13. Comment by Pastor Demetrius Johnson:

    Hello Bishop Jordan
    What I learn out of the “Law of thinking is that you have to be the captain of your soul you have to move in your destiny with purpose, get out of fear the apostle paul says in Romans that I press towards the mark of the higher calling we have to press our way out of poverty thinking and think manifestation because when we realize we can materialize great teleconference and teaching God bless and peace.looking forward to many more like I said before this book is a keeper. Thank you for being my mentoring coach and not my cheerleader but someone that has purpose for teaching us global truths which is accessible with enpowerment, enlightment and most of all richness in the word of God in us.And like Prophet Simmons said your writing it down is permanent we have to write our vision and make it plain we have to speak it into exsistence. we have to call the spirit of wealth, health, prosperity and abundance with overflow and then we sow a seed and give it a name and watch the harvest take place. Again we have to Real(ize) to Material(ize)


    Pastor Demetrius Johnson(youth-Blim Ministries)

  14. Comment by Terravia D. Green:

    THANK YOU!!!

    Minister Terravia D. Green
    Norristown, Pa.

  15. Comment by DAVID HANEY:

    Master Prophet Jordan as I read your book there are
    teachings by Dr Creflo Dollar on TBN that seem to confirm what you are teaching about nothing just happens.And that words put things in motion along with faith. I believe God is purposely confirming the
    teachings in your book to me. Thank you for sowing
    your book The Law of Thinking into my life.

    Evangelist David Haney

  16. Comment by Florence Johnson:

    Dear Bishop Jordon I have received your book and it is great but bad news. I went shopping left it in a shopping cart at Walmart. When I discovered that it was going I panic and was very upset could you be so kind to send me another book and I know that a donation is requested. This is Sister Flo Johnson address is 4025 Palos Verdes Apt 115 Las Vegas Nv 89119. Fone number is: 702-682-6996. I mean this book was and is changing my life to the fullest. Bless you and your Bishop Jordon.

    Sister Johnson
    Las Vegas NV

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    really koo amazing book

  18. Comment by Jonathan Quiroz:


  19. Comment by Karen Springer:

    Master Prophet I would like to recieve your book. And would like to be mentored by you. I just recently recieved my call as Apostle Prophetess. I am now under a teaching at St Louis New Testament Church but I Feel that your anionting and teaching is what I need to reach my full potential. God Bless Karen Springer St Louis,MO

  20. Comment by Angelica Curlingford:

    Dear Bishop Jordan

    The teaching is awesome. What I learned today from this lesson is, as the scripture in the Bible
    states: “My People Perish For The Lack Of Knowledge”. Your teaching is thourogh and has been a great eye-opener to me. It has set me on the path that I have been searching for a very long time: The path of truth and receiving true Godly wisdon.
    Now that I have gotten a sample, I would like to have the actual book. Please advice me of the procedures how to receive it and what the cost is. I feel a connection with your teachings and would like to continue being part of it. God bless you Bishhop Jordan as He continues to use you in doing a great job by educating people. I would like to receive more information on the subject of being or becomming a Prophet. Please send me whatever information you can so that I can become knowledgeable of the facts. God Bless.

  21. Comment by james williams:

    bishop,after reading some excerpts from the laws of thinking book,i thought wow! this is incredible seems like i’ve been struggling to get the things i desire,i see now that i have been,but i see now why i have been. the best thing i did was to log on to your website. i always try to watch your program when i can. thank you bishop and God Bless you.

  22. Comment by salathiamcclendon:

    I would be more than delighted to speak with you personally. I would like for you to speak into me the thoughts in your head. I am going to connect with you just as you did with me when you left your wife (correspondence). You are so high, I am lifted.

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