Chapter 3: The Law of Attraction

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“Resentment kills a fool, and envy slays the simple.”
Job 5:2

The Laws of Thinking are being revealed to you in this book and my teachings for one reason: to empower you to manifest the prosperity in your life that God has spoken for you. When you embrace this wisdom, good things are going to come into your life. And the harsh reality of that is that when that happens, people are going to be envious of you. They will be envious of your favor (never mind that favor isn’t fair) and of your money and of your sense of clear purpose. They will wish they had what you had, and they will wish they expressed Spirit through themselves as you express Spirit through yourself.

What Is Envy?
Understand this: envy is not evil. God did not create anything evil. Envy is a sign that God is expressed through you. The true sin is want, covetousness, the desire by others to possess what you have manifested and the knowledge that they cannot because that have not allowed themselves to listen to God and become “I Am.” Take their envy as a compliment, because it means they see what you yourself may not even able to see: God within you.

Who Does God Think He Is?
“God Thinks He Is Me!”
You have a purpose here on earth. When people ask if there is a meaning to life, you can answer, “Yes, and I know what it is.” Heads will turn and people will lean in to hear what you have to say. When they do, tell them, “The meaning of life is to manifest the good work of God in the physical realm.” Tell them that your purpose is to manifest the truth that “I Am God.” Some of them won’t understand, but that’s their problem. You don’t have time to explain; you have manifesting to do!

I learned much about my faith and the words of the Lord at the feet of the great Reverend Ike, who was and is as charismatic a man as ever stepped to the front of a church. Rev. Ike understood the paradox of man being God. Once, a parishioner, taken aback by what he saw as Rev. Ike’s ego, said, “Reverend Ike thinks he’s God!” And Rev. Ike turned and shouted, “No! God thinks He is me!” That’s a perfect comeback, but also a perfect message. The idea that there is any separation between you and God is patently false. You are God’s expression. He cannot exist on this plane without you. That is why you were created. As the son is the expression of the father, you are the expression of God. You are the same.

When the Word Absolutely, Positively Has to Be There Overnight You are God’s missionary in this world. If you run into someone claiming to be God’s messenger or missionary, surprise him and say, “Really? Me too!” Because that is what you are: God’s Federal Express service on the corporeal plane. You are the package that carries His will and expresses it in the world. And the beauty is, you don’t have to do it overnight! You can take a lifetime-you operate on God’s timetable.

The package you’re carrying? God’s Word. God’s Word in the form of your word. Remember, when you claim your “I Am” birthright, you become co-equal to God, and your Word gains the power of his Spirit. Your Word determines your day, who you are, where you are, and where you are bound. The Word is power to shape reality, so you should never think or say what you do not want to come into being. Exercise the power of the Word with the utmost care. It is a loaded gun and a slot machine about to pay off, both at the same time.

Do You Name Things?
When you name something, you give it a nature. When you say something, it takes on that form. Its reality reflects your perspective. The Word becomes flesh for you. When God created the Universe, he created it first in His Mind; it was only later, when He spoke, that it became flesh.

Buying What You Desire By Paying Attention
We come to this chapter having learned about the power of Spirit to make us embrace our oneness with God and our becoming a being with the ability to create as God. Now, it’s time to talk about the forces that attract what you think about into your physical reality.

What Binds God?
As I said before, God is bound by the Laws that He created to govern both the realm of Spirit and our material realm. One of those laws is that you cannot get something for nothing; you must always pay for what you receive. By this logic, if you want to manifest the money, opportunity and happiness you desire in life, you must give something for it. You must make a deposit in the bank of the Universe. If you go to a bank and try to make a withdrawal without having made a deposit, you’d better be wearing a ski mask; that’s called robbery, and you’ll go to prison for it. You must pay to play, and the only currency that’s accepted in the Universe is of the world of Spirit. The money of this world is no good.
What must you pay in order to being manifesting good things in your life? You must pay a price called attention. That’s where the expression “pay attention” comes from! Here’s a crucial truth to learn and remember:

The key to manifestation is focusing your attention powerfully and persistently on what you desire.

Each time you focus your attention on something, send your energy and concentration out into the Spirit realm, you begin to draw it closer to you. You begin to make your thoughts manifest. You enhance your perception and increase your ability to be, do and have. Focused attention that does not faint or waver is sending a constant stream of creative energy into the future, declaring “I Am” to what you desire to bring into being. Attention is magnetism that attracts whatever it falls on to itself!

You can see, once again, how important it is that if you are to be a successful person-a “Favor-ite”-you must learn to govern your mind and banish thoughts of fear, doubt and negativity. Imagine if in a weak moment you allowed your attention to focus on something that would bring ruin onto yourself or your business-the idea of theft, the fear of illness, the risk of a bold enterprise that you are otherwise sure about. Who knows what result you might attract to you? It might be nothing; then again, it might be disastrous. In this way, we see that becoming “I Am” means putting your mind through some serious training!

Persistence is All

“To those who by persistence in doing good seek glory, honor and immortality, he will give eternal life.”
Romans 2:7

What Is Persistence?
We can’t leave our discussion of attention without talking about persistence and its opposite, distraction. To employ the power of attention to manifest good, you must apply it with persistence. You must remain focused over time in order to allow Spirit to create and bring forth what you have envisioned in your mind and set in motion with your words. If you speak a word and then move your mind and your attention to something else, your vision will not have the chance to form from the incorporeal. Persistence of thought, word and focus is all-important to getting what you want.and doing what God wants of you!

Will Vision Disappoint You?
Vision will not disappoint or deceive you. It will always tell you the truth and leave it to you what to do. You won’t receive any signs in the heavens telling you to hold fast and stick to your course; you must trust in God to do that. What test of faith would it be if when you found the right course to prosperity, even if it didn’t appear to be promising, if angels descended and said, “Yes, you’re right!” Any fool could be a prophet if things were that transparent. God asks your trust in Him and your own vision.

Like a woman is expecting a child, every vision has to have a period of expectancy. It grows, forms and prepares. It will not deceive you. That’s why it’s called conception, not deception. The gestation period of any idea or vision is critical. If you interrupt it, you will abort it. You will interrupt the manifestation, and things will fall apart. You must allow gestation to continue and to allow the appointed time to come.

Who or What Is The Enemy? Distraction is the Enemy In this context, distraction could also be termed destruction, because what distracts you from a single-minded focus on your goals will destroy the progress Spirit has been making in pulling those goals into material existence. A stray word, thought or loss of attention can ruin what may have been years in the making. That is why after the angel Gabriel said to Zacharias-

“Fear not, Zacharias: for thy prayer is heard; and thy wife Elizabeth shall bear thee a son, and thou shalt call his name John.”
Luke 1:13

-this being the song who would become John the Baptist, God made Zacharias dumb until his son was born. Why? Because God knew that Zacharias doubted whether this would really occur and that his doubtful word might abort the pregnancy in his wife’s womb.

What Does Distraction Do?
Distraction that allows doubt to seep in or pulls your mind away from attention on what you are trying to manifest will kill your vision. That is why it is so important to design your life so that once you are on the road to building what God has ordained, you can avoid things and people who will turn you aside from it. We will talk later in this chapter about what your friends indicate about you, and one of the key steps you must take in obeying the Laws of Thinking is removing friends from your life who will distract you from your goals.

You might be focused on building a business and getting rich, and they will come around talking about going out chasing women or hanging out with an old crowd that’s into criminal activity. It is your duty to say no to such distractions; God expects it of you. After all, He’s already at work manifesting what you have asked for! In Galatians 6:9, the King James Version says, “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” Every vision has its appointed time. Success never comes instantly; that’s called winning the lottery, and your odds are one in a hundred million. Instead, be persistent in your focus and expel distraction from your life, and your season of reaping will inevitably come.

The Law of Attraction
By now, the Law of Attraction should be quite clear:

The energy that comes out of your mind will attract whatever suits it.

Your thoughts will shape your situation. They will direct your actions, determine the opportunities that come your way, and affect the outcome of the things you attempt. If you want to change your standing, you must change your thoughts. You must know the secrets of work-of magnetically imparting energy into action by focusing on purpose and forsaking distractions.

Do you know people who are negative thinkers and who lead unfulfilled lives of material want? Do you know people who expect disaster and are then stricken by disaster? There’s a common phrase in English: “self-fulfilling prophecy.” That is much truer than almost anyone realizes.

What Is Prophecy?
Prophecy is the interpretation of the Word of God. But that Word is reality; it is the Spirit that makes up everything that surrounds us as well as we ourselves. So interpreting the Word really means interpreting life: its events, signs and stages. A prophet brings blessing into your life by helping you decipher the meaning behind the Word that is inherent in every aspect of your life and discovering the good that God has spoken to you in that word.

But when you lack the perspective of a prophet (and let’s be honest, it is much easier for someone else to interpret the events of your life with the detached perspective of an outsider), it’s easy to miss God’s blessings and grace and become caught up in the negative.

You become an “accidental prophet” without the insight to see the good in what is coming your way, and your life fulfills the want and lack that exists in your mind.

We are all prophets receiving the Word of God, but very few can understand the multiple levels of meaning that the Word carries. That is why it is so vital to police your mind, to focus on moving upward, and to confidently declare your “I Am.”
What Do Your Friends Say About You? “Birds of a feather flock together.” Ever hear that expression? Ever see a school cafeteria and see the jocks sitting with the jocks, the theater kids with the theater kids, and the gang kids all hanging out together? Like attracts like, and your thoughts will attract the kinds of people who will bring to fruition the thoughts you are having. Think prosperity and you will attract prosperous people; think poverty and you will attract those who are poor in Spirit as well as money.

Do You Watch Success?
If you watch the very successful, you will notice something: they attract a higher quality of person. When they have a new project in the works, quality people seem to come from nowhere with skills and resources that can help move that project along, and with the integrity and honor to keep their promises. That occurs because successful people have disciplined their minds to project thoughts of confidence, possibility, wealth and satisfaction. Those thoughts are like magnets for people of quality.

What Are Friends?
Friends are a prophecy of what you are becoming. If you’re talking to millionaires, you’re on your way to becoming one. When you want to change your life, get new friends. Associate with people who have what you want to have and who are what you want to become. Such people will serve your divine nature in many ways:

They will be gateways to other people who can further your cause.
They will teach you what they know about success, building a business, networking, and myriad other talents.
You will “catch” the germ of their optimism, confidence and capacity for new ideas.

Quality people will become the “carriers” who “infect” you with the mindset of wealth and prosperity. When I associate with you, what’s in you gets into me. I reproduce it. In this way, your associates shape your future.

Just as important, others will judge you by who you are seen with. People of quality will attract more people of quality. After all, if a busy millionaire is spending his precious time hanging out with you, you must be worth hanging out with!

Who Goes To The Joint?
The Whole Choir Goes to the Joint
Of course, every Law of God has an equal opposite side. If you hang out with people of low character, you will be associated with them. Your thoughts will begin to mirror their thoughts. Remember, people’s thoughts and words are contagious; they can infect you with the germs of success as easily as failure.

Who Do You Associate Yourself With? Associate with people of poor quality and you become linked with them. In law enforcement, people who have nothing to do with a crime can get caught up and be arrested along with the rest. They were “in concert.” They were accessories. The cops don’t just arrest the soloist, but the whole choir! You are who you hang with! If you want to change your life, change your friends first. If it takes being brutal about it, be brutal.

Do You Share Your Thoughts With Strangers? Also, don’t share your secret thought with lower powers, with people who are not prophets. Only share it with the power on high. Others will not understand.

God Sets in Motion, Then Sits Back and Watches God will not argue with you; you will find no controversy in Him over how you are acting out his word and expressing Spirit in this world. God isn’t interested in debating you, but teaching you; He speaks and then backs off to see what you will do. In this way He is truly a parent; just as all parents must do, He imparts his lessons and then lets go to see what will happen. He knows as all wise parents do that the best teacher is error and struggle, for only they lead to self-discovery. There is no right or wrong, there is only what serves the Spirit and what serves the flesh.

Isn’t It Ironic?
It’s rather ironic given the debate between people who favor Creation or evolution, but God is really Darwinian. He believes in the survival of the spiritually fittest. God gives to you according to your faith. If you feel you are healthy, wealthy and wise, the Power on high will grant those things. If you feel you are dead, then you will be dead in Spirit until you can see otherwise. The Power on high is not concerned. What you ask for in Spirit shall be granted to you.

Do You Know What You’re Asking For? Be careful what you ask for. He who keeps asking, receives. He who keeps seeking, finds. For he who keeps knocking, the door will be opened.

What Will You Receive?
What You Receive Will Be Without Form We all have negative thoughts from time to time; it’s an inevitable part of being human. So, does that mean that one stray thought will bring misfortune or a terrible person into your life? No. God doesn’t work that way. Remember, everything is Spirit, so when God manifests something, it must always manifest as Spirit. The only way it can come into fleshly being is through Man.
Everything God creates will always be without form. When God brings something into your life, it will always begin without form, as a thought in the mind of God or in your own mind when you are in your “I Am” consciousness. That was how it was before Time, at the Creation: from the day God created man, he held man in his mind, and kept creating him. Just because something is not formed in flesh doesn’t mean it’s not formed in imagination.
What does that mean?
You must keep that good thing you are creating in your mind and not let it go until the time is right for it to take form and shape. With the Law of Attraction, you will attract things and people to you that will make that idea in your mind manifest in reality. By the same token, if impoverished thoughts flit through your consciousness on occasion, you have nothing to worry about-as long as you do not dwell on those thoughts. As long as you do not make such thoughts habits, you will not manifest their negative consequences. It’s persistent, focused thought that moves the invisible wheels of Spirit to bring new effects into your life.

That Check is Non-Negotiable
So the currency that pays for the blessings that manifest for you is your attention. What happens when God turns His attention to your life? You get a check from God, one that is non-negotiable, brother. When God gives you a prophecy, you must hold it in your mind until you are ready to think it into form. You cannot negotiate your way out of it; you can only determine what that check will buy. But something will come into your life, and you must use your insight and Spirit to shape what it is. Think about this:

What you will create is running around in your mind, already created.

God has created it in your mind and imagination already, and all He needs is you to be ready to bring it into manifestation. You will do that with your focus and attention, for good or ill. A prophetic word is the ass no man has ridden upon. It may be uncomfortable, but you must keep riding it until you are ready to think that prophecy into existence. Or it will throw you off!

What Can You Do To Achieve?
To achieve the things God has ordained for you, you must always sow within as much as you sow without. If you don’t go within, you are going to be without! While you are working in this world to bring your ideas and dreams into reality, always be working in the world of Spirit to obey God’s Word and bring it into expression. Practice holding the image of what you want in your mind, without ceasing, until it comes into being. That’s prayer without ceasing, experiencing God being God in you.

What Is Poverty’s True Identity?
The truth is more than some people can handle and exactly what others have been waiting for. The truth about prosperity is that what you want and desire is sitting within you, sleeping, waiting for you to wake it up. Poverty is wealth asleep. It is dormant within you. It is impossible for good to leave you. It is ready to serve you when your mind, heart and spirit know that you love what you say you love.


  • Your purpose is to manifest the good of God.
  • When you name something, you give it a nature.
  • Focused attention is the currency that buys what you desire.
  • Your thoughts will attract like things and people.
  • We are all prophets, but most lack the skill to understand what they see.
  • Your friends tell who you are and where you are going.
  • God will not argue with you or debate you.
  • The things that come into your life will first be without form.
  • God’s check is non-negotiable.

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  2. Comment by Pastor Demetrius Johnson:

    Accuracy for answers to lifes questions,Greetings great man of wisdom and my mentoring leader and coach, Master Prophet and the company “The law of attraction” I read this chapter in the book, The law of thinking and all I can do is thank God for a second breath of truth, you are what you attract and I fullfill the attraction of good and not evil because evil is only the enemies workshop which is not the truth of my God. envy is just another way of complimenting the good that God has ordain for you to have-creation is a form of image I form good things in my mind because what I form I am and what I am I become and that I can put poverty asleep and wake up prosperity into the reality of me “The I am positive attraction of God.Thanks again Master Teacher for sowina these kinds of seeds into my life as I embark into greatness of knowing the attraction of “The I am God.

    Pastor J
    Keeping it real

  3. Comment by Iris L. Jones:

    Great lesson and I do agree that acknowledging yourself as I AM puts your mind through some serious training. Also to elaborate on the word Favor-ite– it is wholeheartedly necessary to maintain a positive focus, for positive energy speaks for you through any negative situation.

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    I give to attract and I attract to give and that is good things of the I am.

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    Opportunity awaits to clothe me. As I attract opportunity, opportunity attracts me, because that which I am seeking have been seeking me since the beginning. Thus, I AM divine opportunity because I meet no one but me.

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    word…..i cant get enough…thanks

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    I thank you for the words that you have written.I know now why these things have been happing to my family,It was my way of thinking thank you for making me see just that . May God keep shinning through you and the powerful words you speak.

    P.S. you have a devoted reader by the name of Darlene Jarrett that opened my eyes please let her know that she also helped changed my way of thinking.

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    I feel previledged to a recipient of such insightfull and Spirit filled Truth. After so many years of persistantly searching for the TRUTH, I am finally seeing the light in a form of Devine Principles. Thank you Grand Master Prophet Jordan.

    South Africa

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    Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ. I was very please to read this chapter. I must admit that I have made the mistake allowing what people about me seep through my mind. I am determined to reprogram my mind and focus on the positive instead of the negative. I will continue to focus on who I am in God.

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    Praise the Lord for you.I was amased at all the wrong connections I had in my life. This chapter really showed me how I had attracted all the chaois and lack that was in my life.I am determined to be all God created me to be in the earth.Thank you now I am committing myself to stay focus by the Spirit of the Living God.

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    Praise God whom all blessing flow. I thank God for giving you Prophet Jordan insight of his true words of wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the spirit world. You are right the mind is a powerful tool. One needs to know how to use it properly. As it is written, “you can calleth those things that be not as though it were” (Romans 4:17). As well as, it is written, “wealth makes many friends, but the poor is separated from his friends” (Proverb 19:4). Therefore, I stand in agreement with you of God divine word of truth.

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