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Prosperity has gone from buzzword to cliché in the pastdecade. Pastors, parishioners, business 

owners, CEOs, athletes, and even entertainers all believe they know what prosperity is. When they attain their brand of prosperity, they begin to pursue their style of prosperous living without implementing a workable plan. For the most part, they arrive at the end of an exhausting journey and discover that they are no closer to their goal— and they really didn’t know what their goal was in the first place.In four centuries, the universal church has proscribed its followers from indulgences that were thought to corrupt moral character. In a sincere attempt to expurgate the bad, they have also thrown away the greatest good of all—our God-given ability to think. While many churches squirm like a fish out of water at theidea of independent thought, what they fail to realize is that the  purpose of creation is directly connected to man’s ability to think for himself. Salvation does not occur within the soul of humanity without the use of the mind. With the mouth confession is made, but with the mind, man believes. Unfortunately, many religious leaders do not want their members to think. They fear that once they free their minds and begin asking difficult questions, they will discover that they are being manipulated and controlled. So some conservative Christian leaders scorn intellectualism and discourage thought, denying their flock the connection with their most godlike asset: their mind. Being a third generation child of the Pentecostal heritage, I distinctly remember pastors strictly forbidding members to visit certain churches within our denomination, fearing that we might not come back. Also, I remember how the same pastors encouraged us to read the Bible only, claiming that other books would contaminate our mind and spirit, rendering us worthless in the sight of God. Naturally that excluded books about science, technology, astronomy, medicine, or even law. For the most part, no one from our faith community ever entered the workforce in any of those disciplines. Most parishioners acquiesced and remained ignorant. Being an existentialist, I choose to read and re-read works by some of the greatest thinkers in the world.While many believed that I would come back from that experience contaminated and preaching false doctrine, just the opposite happened. I gained an appreciation for the Lord Jesus Christ as never before. For the first time in my life, I realized that Christ truly is all in all. I realized that God uses minds—as author Napoleon Hill would say, The Master Mind—to communicate truths beyond our limited understanding. Should we accept what religious leaders tell us unquestioningly?

Should we assume they have some special access to the truth that we cannot?

The only way that we will know the answers to those questions is when we search for knowledge. Searching will require us to explore the many avenues that God has made available to us for our learning. Reading, questioning and acquiring knowledge is not counter to the desire of God; they are the intent of God.Because they hated knowledge and did not choose the fear of the Lord. They would not accept my counsel, They spurned all my reproof.—Proverbs 1:29-30 NASUThere is a direct correlation between reverencing God andloving knowledge. One cannot truly love God without also loving

knowledge. The Creator is Knowledge, and He does not wish His

creation to be ignorant. Despite your allegiance to church, family,

and community, if you hate knowledge you will not know how

to serve God. It is through knowledge that we understand the all

sufficiency, all potency, and the omni-scientific mind of Elohim,

Creator of heaven and earth.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; Foolsdespise wisdom and instruction.—Proverbs 1:7 NASUOver the years I have had the honor of meeting some of the worlds greatest spiritual and business leaders. The most inimitable is His Grace Bishop E. Bernard Jordan. Few, if any, of the leaders I have become acquainted with come close to his singularity of purpose. His life’s mission is to empower his people.Who are his people? Jesus was once asked the same question; Bishop Jordan’s response is the same: his people are those who do the will of the Father. Bishop Jordan has written a stellar work that is guaranteed to free the mentally enslaved, acquit the wrongfully charged, and bring healing to the sick. The Law of Thinking is not a work forthe shallow-minded person. It is demanding and challenging. It is neither intended to be used as the basis for unmerited criticism nor as sermon material for the minister having difficulty receiving a fresh word from the Lord. It was written with a very clear aim: to provoke spiritual thought. Bishop Jordan realizes that everything in life started with a thought. Bill Gates’ Microsoft, Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Production, Stephen Spielberg’s DreamWorks, Henry Ford’s Ford Corporation, and even his own Zoë Ministries all began with a thought. Every invention, university, book, song, business, home, skyscraper, movie, stage play, and baby began when someone chose to think. Nothing happens without thought. Creation did not happen without God’s Thought. Bishop Jordan’s first objective is getting you to think. His second is to help you understand the laws that govern the universe of thought. And his final goal is to help you organize your thoughts into a system that will ensure positive results in your life. The winners in life are not necessarily Rhodes Scholars or the most spiritual, but rather the people who solve the most problems for their fellow travelers. Solving problems is the most lucrative profession in the universe, because everyone has problems. But to help others solve their problems effectively, you must have a workable, effective, easy to use, easy to teach system in place to solve your own problems. Without a system, you will fail. That is why so many entertainers and athletes go broke when just a few years before they were on top of the world. They had no system. This book contains that system: the Law of Thinking. The Law is a set of principles that is organized and enforced by a governing authority. Break the law, and you will suffer unfortunate concerning. Obey the law, and you will experience freedom, prosperity and satisfaction. In the Law of Thinking: 20Secrets to Using the Divine Power of Your Mind to ManifestProsperity, Bishop Jordan shows you how to tap into the freedomthat you’ve always wanted to enjoy but never thought you could.  You will reach your zenith when you discover the hidden truth: you don’t have to search for God’s mind. You already possess it. Keep reading and be transformed! For who has known the mind of the Lord, that he will instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ.

—1 Corinthians 2:16 NASUAaron D. Lewis, D.Min., PhDThe Family of God, East Hartford, CT 


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  1. Comment by Arletha:

    When I recieved my book in the mail here in Detroit I was sooooooooooo happy. I read the Foreword, Introduction, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. Then I started sharing my book to others to read. I know they will order this treasure as well. Hopefully I can start reading again soon, now that this site is up.God is Good and this and many other qualities are seen in the giving you and the company display. Thanks for your goodness.

  2. Comment by La-Faithia White:

    Dear Master Prophet,

    I have received the Law of Thinking book and I cant put it down. These are some of the points that stick out for me: #1.The right habits create the right destiny; the wrong habits create the wrong destiny. In other words you are responsible for what happens in your life. I never looked at the things that play back in forth in my mind as keeping me back from producing, What a revelation!! #2. Anyone in your life who cannot give you what you need – money, support, shelter – is not sent by god. That person is sent by hell to derail you from your purpose. Revelation, revelation, revelation!!!, I just had to drop an acquaintance out of my life because this person was not capable of giving me any of those needs, let alone themselves. I’ve only known this person for a year, and within that year I’ve given this person money and support and they continue to make mistakes and not learn from them. #3. Writing is like a covenant between you and God. Master Prophet, there have been some things on my mind that I did feel guilty about, saying what if…., I will begin to write to god and express my feelings so that they will manifest. Bishop I am excited to hear the teachings tonight. I will be in New York soon and look forward to meeting you. Peace, La-Faithia

  3. Comment by Marcella Y. Sullivan:

    The Laws of Thinking has been a daily read since its arrival. It even accompanied me on vacation. When was the last time that someone asked me, “Who Are You”? I couldn’t remember. The Laws of Thinking not only asks the questions you haven’t really heard, but it provides the solutions. You cannot remain the same after reading this book. And, I’ll keep on reading it until I can answer I AM…

  4. Comment by Ashley A. Marbly:

    Dear Bishop Jordan,

    Thank you so much for sending me the book, Laws of Thinking. I’ve been blessed by the wealth of wisdom that fills these pages. Slowly,but surely I’m applying these principles to my daily living. I learned that we live not in a universe of being, but of becoming. It seems as though to me, day by day, as I awaken to my divinity, my body is constantly being made alive. In becoming, everyday, I wake up in the morning singing a new song.

  5. Comment by Drew:

    The Thought lies within myself

  6. Comment by Drew:

    Thank God for the master key

  7. Comment by Drew:

    Who Am I

  8. Comment by LaQuitta Haney:

    Master Porphet,
    As I begain to read this book. OH MY GOODNESS…. I know that I’am in me is God. You said in your book.. The law of Thinking that “If you want the house than be the house” For me the I’Am is the God . I want to be God… I think that for me That as I become God Who is already in me.. I will be love, peace, joy kindness, a servant,a giver.. When the I’am is His Am.. Then for me I’will have the man of God who will be The Spirutial leader and so much more…When I realize that its His Am in I’Am…. Thank you
    LaQuita Haney 8-6-06

  9. Comment by Prophetess Mary Jordan:

    The law of thinking,lets us know that we must think prosper in order to come into prosoerty.

  10. Comment by Prophetess Mary Jordan:

    When we mental lize we mentallize we materia lizde.

  11. Comment by Siphumelele Mkhize:


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